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Inside the Inner Circle

Mark asks each contestant to name his or her favorite or most fun mission; he starts with Timmy. Timmy thinks it over and says that Rush Hour was his favorite. Coral agrees, and Mike grabs attention by pretending to shift a car into gear and making loud noises. Is he four years old? Emily says that her favorite part wasn't really a mission; it was the first day, when they sky-dived. Dan says that he agrees with Tim, because after the hurricane, a lot of missions were cancelled or thrown together at the last minute and really cheap (and he gives Inner Tube Tango as an example), so it was nice to do a well-planned mission again. Tara says that her favorite mission was definitely Hands on a Saturn, because she won a car. Hollywick says that her favorite mission was the rope-climbing mission, and watching Kelley kick everyone's butt. Theo says that his favorite was the wrestling mission, because he was "about an inch away from handing The Miz his life." Mike and Coral start guffawing, and Coral yells, "Bullshit!" Mike, Coral, and Theo trash-talk for a few minutes.

Lindsay tries to get things back on track by asking Elka what her favorite mission was. Elka says that she enjoyed Sidekick Showdown, because everyone was laughing and having a good time. Mark asks Sean his opinion, and Sean says that he liked Rush Hour, because it was both intellectual and physical, but his favorite was probably Sidekick Showdown, for the same reasons that Elka gave. Coral says that her favorite was the wrestling, and then shakes her head and says, "That's bullshit. That was the worst mission ever. It was the worst mission ever. Ever." So, Coral, did you like it? Coral says that seriously, her favorite mission was Sidekick Showdown, both because they won and because it was fun. Mike says, "Put me in a ring and I'm in heaven," so his favorite was the wrestling. Theo heckles him for a minute. Lindsay asks Danny if he regrets sitting out the Ice Car competition. Danny says, "Not at all." Kelley says, "Car...cocktail... car...cocktail... make mine a double."

Lindsay reads a question for Dan: "In a previous Challenge, you and Holly [not Wick] seemed to have a romantic connection of some sort. This time, you guys didn't even seem to be friends. What happened?" Dan says that before, the whole romance was fabricated in the editing, and this time around, they just hung out and didn't make out, so it wasn't shown on camera. In addition, someone on the forums reported that Dan did a speaking engagement at their school and said that Holly was actually trying to hook up with David from Seattle during that Challenge, so I'm not sure why they didn't show that.

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