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Inside the Inner Circle

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Inside the Inner Circle

Mark asks Emily if she regrets voting Chadwick off, and whether it was a personal or competitive decision. I wish she would say, "Hell, no! I don't regret it! Chadwick sucked!" But she's a little more diplomatic, saying that it was the right decision, even though it brought a lot of controversy to the team, but she points out that it was actually Chadwick's idea to vote off the fourth-place team. Yeah! It was! Lindsay asks why it was easier for Hollywick to forgive Emily than it was for Chadwick. Hollywick says that Chadwick is the one who had to go home, so it was harder on him. Mark asks Emily if she got any more email from Chadwick, and Emily says that she didn't get any more hate mail. There's an awkward pause, and then Sean pipes up to say that while he wasn't part of the RR Inner Circles, it seems that "Chadwick was voted off using the same rules that he helped develop," so he doesn't know why The Wicks would be mad. Hollywick claims that voting off the fourth-place team was a group decision, and Emily says that The Wicks instigated it. Hollywick claims that she didn't instigate it; Emily says that she did, and that the rest of them went along. Hollywick says that just because one person starts a conversation doesn't mean that everyone else has to follow along. True, but that's kind of the definition of instigate -- to start the conversation, and urge others to follow. Coral asks Hollywick if she's admitting that, in the first couple of rounds, the Inner Circle was wrong. Hollywick says that they were wrong in the first round. Coral snarks, "And Chadwick feels the same way too, I'm sure." Hollywick says that it's not just because he was voted off (yeah, right). Sean points out that "it seems awfully convenient that [Chadwick] is going to change the rules when it's going to help him." Hollywick says that Chadwick wasn't in the second Inner Circle, so he didn't have the chance to change the rules, and people came down on them for the decision. Emily is shocked that Hollywick thinks that people came down on her alone, and Theo defends his partner. Hollywick clarifies that people came down on everyone in the Inner Circle. Dan says that he was sitting in the Inner Circle thinking that it was bullshit, because as soon as Dan said he wanted to get rid of Chadwick, Hollywick changed her philosophy. Dan adds that he understands, because Chadwick's her husband. Hollywick denies that her philosophy changed right then. Emily says that if she had been in fourth place, and been voted off, she would have accepted it, and not been a baby about it. Just when things are starting to get interesting, and Hollywick looks like she might cry or something, Mark announces that he's going to move on.

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