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It's Not Fair

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It's Not Fair

Back on the beach, TJ announces what's really wrong with Melinda -- she got a little overheated. Oh, Lord. The Vets deliberate about who to save and who to send into the Gauntlet. A bunch of yelling, despite the fact that they all seem to agree: they're picking Janelle, hoping that the Rookies will send Jillian in again and that she'll finally go home.

The Vets announce their choices, and the Rookies walk through this jenky beach parking lot (they're at a public beach?) to go back to their deliberation cabana. Janelle says that she wants to go against Jillian. Frank pitches the shit fit he promised to about Jillian having to go in again. Jillian thinks its sooo romantic how Frank sticks up for her and then says its like "the Rookies" and "Frank and Jillian" now. MJ tries to make some peace, while Tori takes her own approach -- screaming at the top of her lungs at Frank.

Commercials. The Rookies pick Jillian. Kenny interviews that he feels bad that Jillian is going in again, but then speaks for all of us when he concludes, "Eh, sucks to be her. Quit banging Frank." TJ spins the wheel; it's Ball Brawl again. TJ goes over the rules and then takes a moment to ask Jillian how she feels about getting voted in again. Jillian just says, "Bring it." Janelle thinks she's got it locked down, being bigger and stronger than Jillian. They start and Janelle gets the first ball, but she's clearly slower than Jillian. Jillian gets the next one and Frank promptly freaks out, screaming about how she deserved that ball. MJ interviews that Frank is a freaking nerd. Heh. Jillian wins the third ball and then on the last run, despite Janelle's best attempts to grab a handful of boob, she runs for the win. Jillian is feeling her oats, beating the bigger girl. Janelle interviews that she thinks Jillian is a good competitor. Frank tries to apologize to Janelle, who just warns him against playing a personal game. Frank interviews that he thinks Janelle was overrated. By whom? I barely even know who she is, let alone have a "rating" for her. TJ has to send Janelle walking out to the ocean.

Back at the house, Melinda tells everyone about how she has a concussion. Nobody cares or particularly believes her. Frank and Jillian are in the pool. Is it just me, or does Frank look like a pterodactyl when his hair is wet? He interviews that he thinks Melinda's "concussion" is a joke.

The sun goes down and the wacky music starts up. CT's in his gardening hat, doing his Marlon-Brando-on-a-bender thing. Kenny's hanging around in the back with his hat on sideways. Yo, yo! CT's lecturing MJ about something or another. MJ is dipping (yack) and not understanding CT's point. Which is mainly that the Vets are going to start cutting girls soon. And then we launch right into a excessively emphasized "trim the fat" lesson, with multiple Rookies declaring that their team is lean and mean now that they've trimmed the fat. A new clue arrives. The Rookies once again think they're totally going to win this next one.

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