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It's Not Fair

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It's Not Fair

Wacky music, and the Vet boys all crowd around the window peering in at Frank and Jillian making out in the shower naked. Jillian interviews that the Vet boys are disturbed by how affectionate she and Frank are with each other. Uh, they don't look so disturbed to me. Unless hip-thrusting and hooting now counts as "disturbed."

Commercials. The next challenge is "Man Overboard," and is set at the port in Puerto Vallarta. They basically have to send up to five people at a time up on a sled suspended above the water. They have to pull the sled along using ropes to the end of the track, and then have one person jump off into the water. Rinse and repeat, the team with the quickest combined times wins. They break up to strategize. The Rookies are super-serious; we even get a glimpse of someone trying to make a sketch to help them plan. Except the sketch is, like, a triangle. As drawn by a blindfolded protozoa. Casey starts making a big deal about being scared of heights, and we flash back to one of the many moments during which Wes emotionally abused Casey on the Fresh Meat challenge.

Evan announces in what order they'll all be jumping and then interviews that he's tired of hearing all the excuses from the girls. "I'm scared of heights. I'm unathletic. I'm dyslexic. I can't color inside the lines. Girls, we get it. You suck." Hee. (Shh, don't tell anyone I'm amused.)

The Rookies are up first. Melinda is in the first heat and realizes, while dangling above the water, that she might die during this. You know, because of the concussion. Did you guys remember she got a concussion? Oh, if you don't, they replay her getting whacked in the head twice. She doesn't want to do this, and Danny pulls some "I don't want her doing this" kind of weird possessive fake-engaged-for-five-years shit. So the first Rookie heat goes. Then the Vets go. Beth -- dude who declawed Beth this season? -- is in the front. Coral interviews, kind of apropos of nothing and so completely awesomely -- that "Beth says she's afraid of heights. With her big ass..." The heats keep going. Multiple Vet boys interview about what dead weight the girls are. Way to go, feminism! Speaking's Casey's turn, and she interviews that as soon as she gets on the sled, she pees herself. Which is as good a time as any to go to commercial.

Commercial. We come back and find that Casey is representing for the sisterhood by closing her eyes and letting everyone else pull her along. More boy interviews about the girl's dead weight. More heats. God, how many of them are there? Hey, I have an idea: trim some fat! MJ is slower than anyone expected, Eric can't fit into his life preserver, lots of interviews about how close a competition it is, nobody knows if the Vets or the Rookies are ahead, et cetera et cetera. The heats finally finish, and guess who wins? The Vets! What a surprise!

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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