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It's Not Fair

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It's Not Fair

The Vets go off to deliberate about who to send in. A few names get bandied about -- MJ, Nehemiah. MJ takes a beating in an interview with Evan, who declares that he looks like "Bobo the clown." Oh, good old Bobo. Haven't thought of him for a while. Adam finally jumps in with a characteristically overly-serious contribution, basically outlining a detailed plan (practically with PowerPoint) about how he thinks they should send Frank in. Too bad he didn't say as much in a rap. The Vets decide to go with Frank (saving Ryan again because he is teh gay) because they hope that he can beat one of the "big dogs."

The Rookie Cabana of Sad Deliberation. Frank gets to pick who he wants to go against, which he delivers by proxy. Like a pussy.

Commercials. We return to find that Frank picked Zach, who is all sincere, talking about keeping his head high and such. TJ spins the wheel and the game is Sliders, which is the puzzle game. Jillian thinks Frank is like the smartestest. Frank interviews that he picked Zach for physical reasons; now that the game is mental, he's not so sure. Air haarrn. Lots of shots of the boys sliding puzzle pieces around with other people watching. Fascinating. Frank wins. He says he feels like "an adrenaline-pumped nerd." Ryan interviews about how pathetic their team is. As Zach makes his death walk into the sea, he at least gets a montage of his head-shaving incident. Dude, least deserved montage ever! Who does this guy think he is, Timmy?

We end on Evan and Kenny -- two Fresh Meat alums, no less! -- whispering and conspiring to taint the glorious tradition of these honored games. Basically, they're hatching a plan to throw the next challenge so the Vets are forced to eliminate a girl. After that? Another girl. Until all the girls are gone and it's all boys, boys, boys, boys! These guys are really so super-straight, aren't they?

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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