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Leader of the Pack

Sad music plays. Is it wrong that I really want to see Kameelah yell at Dan? The RW team sits around the table on their bus. Kameelah says that the purpose of the meeting is to "unite [their] team and its spirit." Apparently, they are using a stuffed lobster as a "conch" -- whoever is holding the lobster speaks, and everyone else listens. Syrrhosis is up first -- he thinks that if they can all get on the same page, they'll be great. Julie takes the lobster next. She's wearing a shirt for Jamie's site, and they don't blur out the logo. Julie is not at all subtle -- she suggests that "if you are the chief in a situation, just don't let that 'chiefness' get to your head. We have to be managers, not, like, dictators." Gee, whom could she be talking about? Julie concludes by suggesting that they should know their weaknesses. Kameelah asks if anyone else has any weaknesses. She does everything but shove the stupid lobster at Dan, who finally speaks up. He says that his attitude sucked, and the pressure got to him. He realizes that the group is "six chiefs," and he struggles to know when to be a follower and not a leader. I think Dan talked for a loooong time (not that it would be surprising, or the first time), because that speech was heavily edited. Rebecca comments that she feels "really good about everyone right now," and that she has the warm fuzzies. Everyone laughs, and they do a team cheer. You're fucking kidding me. A team cheer? Warm fuzzies? I'm all for the teams having fun together, but this feels so manufactured, with the music and the cheer. Ugh.

Next week: the mission is to walk a tightrope "one hundred feet above a concrete floor." Oh, like they won't be wearing harnesses. Whatever. Syrrhosis asks if anyone has died, and the instructor (who I think I'm going to like) tells them, "Lots have died." We see someone falling (Christian, maybe?) and Kameelah crying and begging them to let her down. She was also wearing a bizarre red outfit with gold spangled bra overlay. I'm more interested in the story behind that outfit than anything else in the episode.

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