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Leader of the Pack

In an interview, Dan feels that he is the one holding it all together and allowing for success. Then the editors set the record for most blurred-out logos in one shot ever -- Jamie is sitting at the table eating cereal, and they have blurred out his T-shirt, the orange juice carton, and something next to the orange juice carton. All that, and they couldn't blur out Jamie's desperately-in-need-of-a-trim goatee? Is that so much to ask? Dan tells his teammates to trust him. Jamie says that he does, but he doesn't know what Dan has up his sleeve. Kameelah notes that Dan is not "sharing his secrets." In an interview, Syrrhosis tells us that Dan has "a background in choreography." He does? From the modeling, or what? In an interview, Dan says he's "pretty good at this sort of thing." Yeah, I bet he has as much experience as me -- he used to make up routines to the soundtracks of Fame and Grease in his basement and then perform them for his mom. Syrrhosis finishes off the scene by saying, "Lord have mercy." From your lips to God's ears, dude.

Over on the Road Rules bus, Emily is awake now. She tells Susie that she tried out for cheerleading in her junior year of high school, and didn't make the team because she "sucked." Sepia-toned flashback to Emily's season of Road Rules. Flashback Emily explains that she tried out for cheerleading "two years ago" (that's how I knew it was a flashback) and she has "never stunk so bad at anything in her life." We see Emily in a field surrounded by cheerleaders (and I totally don't remember this scene from her season, but I'm old and forgetful). I don't know what's up with that. Anyway, Emily explains that she was afraid she was going to get hurt, and she feels bad that she failed so spectacularly. Back in the present, Emily tells Susie that the tryout was "the most embarrassing moment of [her] life."

Buses driving down the highway. The teams arrive at Boston College and head out to the football field. Jamie does a very awkward cartwheel and his sunglasses fly off. Ha! The teams wait on the field. Hmm -- Jamie is giving Michelle a very familiar hug. A wolf-type mascot rushes out on to the field along with a bunch of cheerleaders in full costume. One of the coaches, Christie, steps out front and introduces herself. I've been a cheerleader, and this is all I have to say about Christie -- she's totally a base. J-Dawg (my boyfriend) comments, "Boy, she's busty." Christie continues talking, but instead we hear a Syrrhosis voice-over: "There's beautiful women everywhere, and I'm just like in heaven." Some cheerleader flexes for the camera. Peter, another cheerleading coach, steps out, and he is NO Sparky Polastri. He explains that there will be three parts to the competition: a "theme" competition with costumes, a sideline cheer -- then suddenly a different guy, named Jeff, is speaking and explaining that the third part will be "the perfect cheer," with music and everything. Jeff finishes by saying that they each need to pick a team captain. Everyone on Road Rules points to Michelle (duh!) and in an interview, she says that of all the missions they've done, this is the one where she wants to be captain.

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