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Now it's time for the routines, and Real World goes first. They start with a wobbly turning pyramid with poor spacing. The girls do a lot of ass-shaking, and Julie is still a bad dancer. Kameelah rocks the house, though. She goes up for her basket toss (is that what they were trying to do all that time, or did they just change it because she couldn't get the lift?). She nearly lands on her back, but the boys cover it up pretty well. Jamie does a standing back tuck, which is pretty impressive. Okay, so Dan and Syrrhosis helped him a little. Still. Dan does a roundoff back handspring -- also impressive. But ugly. They keep cutting to the crowd and to the other team. Could I watch the routine, please? How annoying. Julie and Kameelah hold up some signs that you can't even read while the boys throw Rebecca up for the big twisting basket toss. That must have been the big finish, because they run off the field yelling and Syrrhosis almost clocks the boom operator, who scurries out of the shot. Heh. Rebecca gives Michelle a big hug. Aw. She's a good sport.

The Road Rules team takes the field. Christian does cartwheels all the way out, and you'd think he would be too dizzy to do the routine. In an interview, Emily says that she decided she might never have another choice to do the stunt again, so she'll give it a try. The routine starts with some Saturday Night Fever style finger pointing. The difference between these two squads so far? The girls on the RR team can actually dance. Sorry. It's true. Way too many crowd shots. They do that thing where Michelle rolls up into a split in the air, supported by the guys. Laterrian and Christian do cartwheels across the front. Susie gets her groove on all by herself. In a gender twist, Emily and Susie pop Christian up into the air, and he flexes his "muscles" while Michelle shows the crowd her ass. James does a standing back tuck. The crotch of his pants has completely ripped out -- don't worry, he has shorts on underneath -- but I really don't want to know how that happened. Now it's time for Emily's big twist. As she gets into position, we hear her voice-over that she was afraid, but this was her second chance. Then they throw her up into the air, and she comes crashing down to the ground, landing on her head. The music stops. Michelle starts crying. Christian starts crying. The paramedics run out onto the field.

I'm totally kidding. She does the stunt perfectly and the routine ends. Like you didn't know that was going to happen. Michelle hugs Christie, and then says in an interview that "Emily was scared and she pushed through it anyway." The RR team celebrates with hugs all around. Emily spins around in front of Michelle while she voice-overs that it's scary, but the first time you do it, it's amazing, and it's that last thing she would have pictured herself doing, but now here she is. Okay, we get it. Emily's big triumph. Please don't tell us how scary it was anymore.

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