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Leader of the Pack

The announcer tells everyone the final combined scores. The RR team has ninety-six, and the RW team has eighty-nine. The RR team won! I didn't know if they would ever win a mission again. I mean, they totally deserved to win this mission, but after last week, I didn't know if it would happen. They all hug and celebrate. The crowd starts chanting "Road Rules [clap clap] Road Rules!" If there's one thing you can count on with an audience full of cheerleaders, it's lots of crowd chants. Syrrhosis walks by, looking very sweaty. Kameelah voice-overs that it "was painful that [they] lost because [they] were not working together and one of [them] made things very uneasy for the rest of [them]." In case you didn't know who she was talking about, they cut to a shot of Dan. The RR team gets their check, and they now have $30,000 to the RW team's $50,000. The MVP is announced -- it's Emily! What a rip-off! It totally should have been Michelle. I like Emily and all, but come on. Emily voice-overs that it "feels really good to stink so bad at something seven years ago," and then be named the MVP. Emily spins the wheel and gets to steal someone else's prize. She thinks about it while Syrrhosis begs her not to take the Sea Doo he won last week. She does it anyway. I like Emily more and more. Syrrhosis pretends to cry and throw water at Emily while Kameelah assures him that they'll get it back. More hugs. Kameelah purses her lips.

Julie and Kameelah walk to the bus. Kameelah voice-overs that she "felt really uncomfortable with how Dan yelled at [them]." Kameelah feels that it definitely cost them the mission and thus the money. As they get on the bus, there is definitely a girl there who is not on the team -- it might have been the coach though.

Kameelah and Julie head to the back of the bus. We see a quick shot of a sticker advertising Jamie's company before the focus pulls to Julie's face. Kameelah is saying that Dan should know that he was at fault. Kameelah feels that if their "leadership was stronger," and if they "hadn't spent so much time being negative," that they could have won. Kameelah continues, saying that Dan had an "obsession with being in front." Julie chimes in, "One chief, one chief, one chief." Kameelah says that if you're not being a good chief, you need to "recognize that and step down." Julie suggests that they "sit around and talk," and then Dan might notice these things about himself. Kameelah wants to think about it. Julie thinks something needs to be said, and soon.

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