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Maybe the Cord Will Break

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Maybe the Cord Will Break

The head bungee guy welcomes them and says that one of them could set the World Record Bungee Jump which the show claims is five hundred feet, but the show's website claims is six hundred and fifty feet. Either way, it's more feet than Nine West during a clearance sale. I got a million of 'em. I'll be here all week. Anyway, apparently the tower is 1,149 feet high. The team that has the most people jumping wins -- you guessed it -- ten thousand E*Trade dollars. Yes starts jumping up and down like a little kid. David says he thinks Piggy will wimp out. Heather B. says, "I ain't wimpin' -- I just ain't going!" The head bungee guy asks who wants to go first, and David raises his hand. Yes is going to go second. David says he wants to set "the rekkid," and he wants the glory. Kat says, "He'll throw everything he has into it." Of course, the way it was edited, she could have been talking about her father, for all we know. But I guess she meant David. Kat also tells is that Yes "is quiet and gentle-spoken, but there's a lot of iron behind him." Yes tells us he wants to set the record. David wants to set the record. Enough with the record!

David is up on the observation deck, and man, it is really freaking' high. There's no way I would jump. David gets into the bungee harness and as someone pointed out on the forums, it does accentuate his, um, package, quite a bit. David makes fun of Yes, by saying Yes is all, "This is gonna be dynamite, yo. I'm gonna jump backwards...yo." That was kind of funny too. Maybe David got funny while in France! If he takes himself a little less seriously, I'll be happy. David complains that he is getting pinched by the harness, because he has big balls. An annoying bungee guy says that David will need big balls to make this jump. Like, ha ha. Not. We see an interview with Piggy where she says that she's "heard David has a big..." and she holds up her hands to indicate how big. Yeah, you and the rest of us who watched the Seattle season, girlfriend. I also heard he stinks and never showers, and I wouldn't want to spend a few weeks with him on a bus. David walks out the plank and everyone else cheers for him. Amaya is standing on the ground, looking through her fingers, and says, "This is the stupidest thing I've ever done." Well, I could name a lot more stupid things she's done, starting with telling Matt she might have had an STD and continuing on through dating Colin and trusting Kaia, but she didn't ask me. Kat is wearing David's cowboy hat -- do you think they are going to hook up? David finally jumps, and I know MTV edited it to look even further than it was, but it looks really, really far and scary. After he comes up, the head bungee guy tells him he didn't break the record because he went first, and the cord needs time to stretch out. Jeez, he could have told him that earlier when he was crowing about breaking the "rekkid."

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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