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Maybe the Cord Will Break

Yes prepares to make his jump, and says he is more scared of the incompetence of the crew than the actual jump. Not a smart thing to say to the people who hold your life in their hands. Annoying bungee guy from earlier asks where the "toe tags" are. Once again, like, ha ha. Not. Shut up, annoying bungee guy. Yes says he wants to do this for his team, for himself and for the money. As he jumps, he does a slow backflip which would be scarier to me than the actual jump, I think. He also howls like a dog while jumping. He doesn't get the record, and the two teams are tied.

Amaya is up next. Aw, yeah. While standing in the observation deck, they show a clip of her saying, "I'm going to throw up" and "this is not what sane people do." That joke is just too easy, so I won't make it. I think that clip was really from the second day, though, due to Amaya's red babushka. Amaya walks out on the plank while saying that if she does this, she will be conquering a huge fear. The music playing keeps repeating "out of control," to create tension where there essentially is none. I mean, if she died or something, don't you think it would have been on the news? Amaya gets out to the end and blubbers a lot. Just jump or don't! I'm not saying I would be able to do it, but I hope I wouldn't act like such a drama queen about it. Then again, why do I expect anything else from her? The bungee guy tries to comfort her, and then she actually jumps, flailing about while falling. I'm impressed that she did it. When they haul her back up, she is shaking.

Holly is up next, and there isn't much fanfare since she just goes. She has beautiful form too, unlike Amaya who looked like Kramer from Seinfeld or something. Dan goes next, and he also doesn't cause much hubbub. He does dive forward, which seems really scary. Heather B. is up next, saying that she doesn't want "nothing fancy." Holly tells Dan she will never do it again, and Dan says she will. Holly agrees. Did I detect a little chemistry there? I think they would be good for one another. Heather B., meanwhile, is listening to everyone count down to her jump, but she doesn't go when they hit zero. Everyone heckles her a little bit and she goes. Los is up next, but apparently he is really boring so they barely even show it. Mike goes next, and instead of jumping, he kind of steps off into the great unknown. Now the score is Real World 4, Road Rules 4. Piggy steps up to take the lead.

Piggy tells us while walking out the plank that she is only doing this for the money. Once she gets out there, she doesn't want to go and the bungee guys say they won't force her. Piggy says she just has no inclination to do it, and cries some more, but unlike with Amaya, it seems really genuine. Or it could be because I just like her more. Yes shows his empathetic side by saying he hopes Piggy doesn't back out because they really need the money. Everyone counts down and Piggy starts shaking and doesn't make the jump. Finally, she just steps off. Teck makes fun of her face while she was falling. What was she supposed to do? Shut up, Jack Skellington. David eats a hot dog, but that's not the last bit of homoerotic subtext you'll get from him this episode. Just wait. When they haul Piggy back up, she says it hurt her "fucking vagina," which kills me. Holly tells us that Piggy may be harsh and rude, but that's what Holly loves about her. The head bungee guy comes over and says it has gotten too windy, so they'll have to finish the rest of the jumps the next morning. He doesn't mention that there was also a legal injunction against them, but I read that on the official website. The group heads out to see their traveling quarters, expecting Winnebagos. Instead, they get giant buses! Teck skips over, and he has to hold up his shorts so they don't fall down, and he has his socks pulled all the way up. You know, he didn't seem so bad compared to the annoying people in Hawaii, but compared to normal people, he is really bugging me. They all explore the bus, and decide it's better than the Winnie. Amaya finds a big rubber cup and tells David it's a condom for him. On the other bus, Yes has found the same object and plays with it. No comment.

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