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Money Changes Everything

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Money Changes Everything

Now that the blindfolds are off, the team members greet one another with hugs. Nathan doesn't know who Beth is. Hee! Neil says that he doesn't know who any of these people are, and says that it's "a freak show." I love Neil. I know he's pretentious and all, but he cracks me up. Nathan reads the instructions on the golden dollar, which tells them all to go out to the parking lot. The limo and armored car pull into the parking lot. Jason says that he thinks Nathan cheated, but he doesn't care, because they won.

In the parking lot, Beth predicts that David, her "favorite roommate," will be getting out of the limo. She figured it out because his picture was on the fake dollar bills. David gets out of the limo and everyone cheers. In an interview, Anne says that Mr. Big is running the show. In an interview, Montana says that Mr. Big "should have been called Mr. My Suit Is Three Sizes Too Big." Look at Montana cracking the funnies. David announces that they could win up to $50,000. Everyone looks shocked. The security guards get out of the armored car carrying duffel bags full of cash. David reminds them that it's not food stamps, and Kefla comments that he'd take food stamps. David opens one of the duffel bags and the contestants all gather around trying to touch the money until he slaps their hands and orders them to get back. The song on the soundtrack says, "I want it, I want it, I want it." David explains that winning a mission will earn them time in a money machine -- a booth filled with money where they have to try to grab dollars. The more missions they win, the more time their team will have in the money machine. Montana, Nathan and Mark all reiterate what David just said in interviews, because according to B/M principles, if it's worth saying once, it's worth repeating three more times. Mark does reveal that there will be five events total.

David tells them that it's time to get started (finally!), gets on his phone, and orders some lackey to "send in the winners' vehicle." Another white stretch limo pulls in for the Real World team. The losers, the Road Rules team, must ride in a van. I would so rather be in the van. I've ridden in those limos for weddings and such, and they really aren't that comfortable if you've got more than two people in them.

David gives them their first clue, which is a tape of David talking. I don't know why he couldn't have just said it in person. Anyway, the clue says that this mission will have them "rolling in circles." Jason reads the enclosed piece of paper, which tells them to go to the sports arena at Solano County Fairgrounds by noon. Both teams run off to their respective vehicles.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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