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Money Changes Everything

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Money Changes Everything

They all line up for a practice run. Neil starts falling, and because the track is banked, runs into Kalle and takes her down with him. A scary, bleached-blonde permed woman makes a joke, but I can't laugh because her hair is such a tragedy. The skaters take off, and I have no idea what is going on. Janet fell down. That's all I got. Mark predicts a Road Rules victory, because "Noah's awesome at skating and Kefla's a maniac." We see Kefla skating too fast, and Jan yells at him to slow down, before rushing out onto the track and taking him down. Mark concludes by saying that he will be an animal, and barking. Well, I thought it was funny. I'd rather listen to him being an idiot on purpose than Jason being an idiot accidentally. In an interview, Neil says that Mark and Kefla are both big boys, and that they're on the same team. Neil says that his team has him, a failing actress (Beth), a poet (Jason), and a few other people who haven't got a clue (Nathan and Janet). It's nice to know that Neil has so quickly gotten a handle on his team. Must be the PhD.

Jan tells the teams that it's break time. The teams go rest in some shaded areas. A trainer comes up and asks who needs his or her feet taped. Janet says that she wants her whole body taped. Anne gets a massage from the trainer. Roni and Kefla lie down on some bleachers, and Roni says that she wants a massage, too. In an interview, Kefla explains that, during his season, they played a Road Rules All-Star team in Australian Rules Football, that Roni was on the All-Star team, and that they hooked up. I don't think he means "hooked up" like that, though. Or maybe he does. Roni tells Kefla that she thinks he is jealous about her possibly getting a massage from the trainer, and Kefla says that he can give her a massage any time on the trip. Before they can flirt some more, Jason announces that they need to go get ready for the mission.

Icebox and Jan come out and give the teams jerseys, pads, and skates. Beth manages to put her skates on the wrong feet. I don't know. Icebox advises the Road Rules team to "go to Noah." Montana says that she'd rather not jam, but that she can. Anne doesn't know whether she's supposed to jam or not. Beth starts bossing Montana around. Clearly, she didn't watch the Boston season. In an interview, Beth brags about how great she's going to do, and says that she skates a lot, so she's not afraid of being knocked around or knocking someone over. If she skates a lot, how did she manage to put her skates on the wrong feet?

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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