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Money Changes Everything

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Money Changes Everything

Beth, still injured, begs Mark to let her come on their bus. Mark says that he needs the group to approve it. Noah tells her to get her ass in the Winnie. I'm loving Noah right now. Beth tells him to have a heart, and Jessica Wakefields that she needs to keep her leg up and spread out. I hope that wasn't a come-on. Beth gets carted off in the little ambulance/golf cart with the siren a-blaring.

Montana yells to Jason to play the horn for Nathan. Jason hits the horn, which plays what the captioning identifies as "Call to Post," but which you might recognize as the tune that is played when the U.S. Cavalry ride in for the rescue. Nathan says he likes the "ghetto ride," and Montana agrees that she is "stoked." The teams transfer their bags into their new vehicles. Jason has figured out how to make the horn play "Dixie." Okay, that horn is annoying already. Janet tells the other team that they don't have "the beautiful smell of fuel."

Icebox and Jan come over to congratulate the winners, and give them their next clue. It's a pillow. Someone uses a knife to slit open the pillow and remove a tape player. They play the tape, and Mr. Big says, "On your mark, get set, beddy bye bye." Kalle doesn't understand the clue. Nathan reads the travel instructions. They have to stay overnight at an RV park and then travel to Mammoth Lakes the next day.

While on the road, Nathan reads the rules to the "Teddy Bear Game." The Real World team has been given a teddy bear. It must remain hung upon a special hook in the Winnie at all times. At the same time, the Road Rules team reads their version of the rules. They have to steal the teddy bear, and hang it on a hook in their bus. Whichever team ends up with the bear at the end of the season wins an extra $3000. Oh, I can foresee shenanigans.

Mark explains that they invited the Real World team into their bus, but that they weren't looking for company. While both teams are hanging out in the bus, Kalle sneaks into the Winnie and steals the bear, and the cheesiest graphic ever of a teddy bear tossing money into the air appears in the corner of the screen. Oh, that's just sad. Maybe it would make Stee feel better about recapping Road Rules if he could see how bad this is. Then again, Jisela. Kalle hides the bear under the wheel of the bus so that the Real World team won't know she has it. Montana goes into the Winnie and notices that the bear is gone. Mark taunts her and then hangs the bear on the special hook in the bus. In an interview, Anne explains that now the Real World team will try to steal the bear, and that they're just going to go back and forth.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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