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Money Changes Everything

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Money Changes Everything

The team members hang out together and drink beer. Jason calls Janet a dork. In an interview, Janet says they have twelve "beautiful men and women in close quarters," and that sexual tension is inevitable. Janet gets mad at Jason for calling her a dork. In an interview, Jason says that Janet's personality complements her beauty, and that she's mysterious. Oh, puke.

The next morning, someone (Anne?) unwraps Beth's ankle, and they both agree that it's huge. It is quite swollen. Beth demands to be taken to the hospital. They go to the Mammoth Hospital. After getting shown to a room, Beth tells Montana that she doesn't want this to affect the missions. Montana says that Beth might need to sit out the next one. The doctor takes an x-ray and examines Beth's ankle, then tells her she will need to have an ankle brace and crutches, and stay off it for a week. Jason and Neil tell the Road Rules team that they only have five people, and someone suggests sending Beth home and flying someone else in. Yes! Please! Nathan says that Beth is still part of his team, but that if she can't participate, he's sorry. Nathan concludes, "There's a lot of money at stake here, and your ankle's going to get better, but my pocket's not getting any bigger with your ass on the sideline." That Nathan. All heart. He learned such compassion for dealing with sick people when he lived with Irene. Mark says that Beth likes the attention. You think? Clearly Mark watched the L.A. season. It's a cliffhanger! Will Beth stay or will Beth go? Stay tuned.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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