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Mud Mask

Piggy says she hopes Annoying "dies today" and wants to "see her ass on a stretcher." Wow, Piggy doesn't pull any punches, does she? Yes gives Piggy "props for being real." Veronica points out that Annoying has "already been on a stretcher once," and Piggy says Annoying can be "consistent, if nothing else." Veronica tells us that Amaya is "an insult to women because she's beautiful and she's sexy and she's intelligent, but she's such a wimp, and everything that we do that's physical, she gets hurt." While that is true (and I have pointed it out in recaps before), I don't think Veronica is one to talk. She is not down with the cause, either. Neither she nor Annoying are on my side.

The two buses pull up and Yes pulls out the cow skull from the baggage compartment saying that it is "a legacy." The RW team sees this and Annoying says, "Oh Lord, they are absolutely ridiculous." The two teams walk onto the football field where two players from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are waiting for them. Teck actually knows who they are (Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks). Yes introduces himself by saying, "I'm Yes," and the football guy goes, "And I'm No." Ha! That never stops being funny to me. Mike tells us this is "right up my alley, and Dave's. We're both athletes, we both love football, and this is where we're going to start redeeming ourselves." The two teams split up for some training. Derrick gets the RR team and Warren gets the RW team. We learn that Derrick's nickname is "Bite Me," but we don't get any explanation as to why that might be.

Kat pushes a tackling dummy. Teck does too, but I think Kat did better. Teck tells us, "One of the criteria of being a real man is you have to like sports. I've always liked sports. I've always liked chicks. And just recently I've gotten into liking beer. So I'm working on becoming a 'real man,'" and he makes air quotes around "real man." Thanks for the discourse on masculinity, Robert Bly. Piggy asks the coach what NFL stands for, and he tells her. Piggy tells us in an interview that "American football is a game for girls. It's rugby for men who think they might get hurt, so they put loads of pads on." You know, I can't really disagree with her on that one. Annoying asks her coach if she is allowed to "just tackle" since all she wants to do is "hit people." David looks really annoyed with her. Can you blame him? Could she just shut up and play the game? Play the game! Annoying says she wants to "run into people and just smash them." They show Annoying running up to this green inflatable weeble-wobble type thing, and she slaps it as she runs by instead of tackling it or blocking it. Kat laughs and tells her she "bitch-slapped that thing." Veronica and Holly move a blocking sled and the coach says they moved it farther than the guys. They start jumping around and cheering and Veronica says they have to do a chest bump, so they do. The funniest part is Piggy standing there watching them, and then grabs her boobs as if to say, "Ouch! What are they doing? Stupid Americans. I need a cigarette." That's just my interpretation, though.

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