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Road signs. Rain. In an interview, James says that they've been losing a lot and "losing sucks." The RR team discusses their situation. James keeps pointing out that they haven't won. Christian thinks that the RW has "better team spirit." Yeah, because they don't have annoying James, the poor loser, dragging everyone down. James voice-overs that it's "hard to lose and lose gracefully." No, it's really not. You just accept it, learn from it, and move on. It's actually quite easy. Dwelling on it doesn't help. Oh, why do I bother? They show some footage of James yelling at Syrrhosis on the bus, but he's clearly (mostly) joking while he screams at the top of his lungs and pounds the walls. I mean, everyone's laughing. Jamie gets his picture taken with their two big checks, but thankfully doesn't do any tongue-flicking towards them. In an interview, Rebecca says that James has a hard time accepting loss, but she's laughing while she says it. Hey, do you think James is a bad loser? Because I didn't get that from either the eight thousand times he threw a temper tantrum during his season of Road Rules, or the forty times they have mentioned it in the first five minutes of this episode. God.

Anyway, the buses arrive at a campground. Rebecca beats James at foosball and gloats a bit. In an interview, James says that he's not a good loser. You think? Rebecca, James, and Emichelle (both of them) are sitting at a bar. Emichelle are totally engrossed in their own conversation. James talks about how he will be a good winner when his team wins, but will gloat to Rebecca. Rebecca tells him that he's the worst loser she's ever met. James says that lots of people tell him that. God, I'm so sick of this already. Who doesn't know how this is going to turn out? The RR team will lose, and James will have a bad reaction, and Rebecca will be turned off. There. You can all stop reading now. The End.

Just kidding. They are listening to the clue, even though we already saw Kameelah reading the clue in the "Previously On" segment. I'm so confused. Both teams seem to be on the same bus. Dan yells at whoever is working the CD player. Devon from RR Season Two comes on and says something about "standing up" for the next challenge and they will have to "make them laugh." The camera zooms in on Emily, since she had a relationship with Devon during and after their season. Emily asks Christian if he recognizes the voice, and he does. And they totally let that thread drop. I think it would have been interesting to see how it made Emily feel, or something, but Dan starts yelling about how he knows that they are going to the Just For Laughs Festival, which is like "the Cannes Film Festival for stand-up comics." ["I think the Aspen Comedy Festival has probably unseated Just For Laughs for that spot, but whatever." -- Wing Chun] Michelle makes a goofy face. Dan is all fired up. Julie wants her team to go back to their own bus. In an interview, Dan says that they have to make people laugh, and it will be "a bloodbath." Dan's flair for the dramatic persists, I see. Michelle yells after Julie, asking if she is "already planning strategy."

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