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Suddenly, the buses are on the road, like, how did the RW team get back on their bus while they were moving? Do they have a special tunnel that they can use to go back and forth? Because the RW team is gathered on their bus again. Julie explains that they have to plan something funny with "no risk of it flopping." Oh, that should be a piece of cake. Like seasoned comedy writers don't dream of a bit that's guaranteed not to flop. Syrrhosis points out that it's "easy to tell a bad joke," and that there might be "five thousand people."

Back on the RR bus, Michelle feels that they were "focusing too much on what the other team was doing." James joins them to talk strategy. James wants to "think of a clever way to get around the rules," and that if it's not explicitly forbidden, then do it. He doesn't think the RW team are "very honorable people when it comes to the games," especially the girls. Oh, whatever. I hate James. I can't even go into all the ways that I hate him. I just do. Let me give you one, though: he's wearing sunglasses inside the bus for no apparent reason. Okay, let me give you another one: in an interview, he says that he's going to "go big" on the next mission. Shut up, James.

The buses arrive in Montreal and are greeted by the Upright Citizens' Brigade. For real! ["I have a friend who's taking a class with them in New York right now! Cool!" -- Wing Chun] They are going to teach the teams some "improv games," which they will then have to perform in front of a paying audience for the chance to win $10,000. Michelle says that she would rather cliff-dive or skydive than do this mission. I feel her. I am so very, very bad at improv, or any kind of acting, or stand-up comedy. My words are my weapons! The teams go into some sort of conference rooms.

The RW team gets some instruction first. The UCB member tells them that the basic tenet of improv is "Yes, and..." and you never negate what the first person has said. He gives the example that if the first person says, "Yes, doctor, my husband is sick," the second person can't say, "I'm not a doctor. I'm a fireman." I'm just including all of this as a public service in case you ever have to do improv.

Cut to Emichelle doing improv. They're horrible. They know it. In an interview, Emily says that she's the worst in the group.

Syrrhosis tells Dan that Dan is "the last one that has to worry about any of this crap," but Syrrhosis is in trouble. In an interview, Ayanna says that her humor is "an intellectual humor" and "you have to be an intellectual to laugh at [her] jokes." Oh, really? I'd love to see an example of her "intellectual humor." What is she, Frasier? Cut to a scene where Ayanna is telling some sort of martial arts story that is so not funny at all, not even on an intellectual level. Well, I guess it's unintentionally funny. Maybe she meant to say "unintentional humor"! Yeah, that's it. In an interview, Jamie says that he will make a fool of himself. How is that different than every other day? Sorry, I had to say it. Cut to Jamie possibly humping or possibly stabbing Kameelah, who is laughing uncontrollably. The UCB member says, "That's comedy, folks!" Cut back to the RR team, where James is telling his own story now, which involves a man who sang, "No, I will not go into your toilet." I admire the potty humor; if you can't think of anything else, usually a good poop joke will do. But, no one really laughs, because it is just that unfunny. He should have said "shitter" instead of "toilet." People would have laughed at "shitter." ["Dude, I just laughed at 'shitter.'" -- Wing Chun] Everyone on James's team laughs at how bad they are. And they are. Bad.

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