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Kameelah and Julie are up next. Their situation is a preacher and someone confessing. Julie tries to do some sort of street accent, and I have to turn away from the screen. Kameelah is totally over the top, hitting on Julie and doing a Baptist preacher kind of thing. It's pretty amusing. If it had been with someone besides Julie, it would have been even better. Kameelah says again that they are going to win.

Oh, no. Ayanna and Laterrian are up next. They don't even bother telling us what their situation was, because it doesn't matter. The audience is totally silent. Laterrian is totally silent. Ayanna tries to be funny, but she's not. Not even unintentionally. Laterrian could speak up. Crickets chirp. Somewhere in the distance, a dog howls. Oh, this is painful. The judges (that is Tina Fey) are completely stone-faced. Oh, it's over. Thank God.

The RW team starts celebrating early. Dan and Syrrhosis are on stage. James voice-overs that he thinks the RW team is just "there for the money," and that they're only having a good time because they're winning. Um, it's a game show? That's the point? To win money? I hate James. The judges tally up some scores.

It's time for the final event. The RR team is up first. They have to tell a story as a group -- the emcee points to one of them, and that player has to keep talking until the emcee points to someone else. And it has to be a story. And it has to be funny. Oh, I would be so bad at this. The name of their story is "My First Time." Um, hello? Michelle was the faux-virgin on that "My First Time" website? Do they know this? Does the audience? Because she could really play that up and get big laughs. I'm not going to tell you their whole story, because it's all about a rash that they got in the third grade. And it's not at all funny. In an interview, Ayanna says that she's come to the realization that she's "not at all funny." Yeah -- you, your teammates, the judges, and the entire viewing public. Emily actually does a good thing at one point -- when it comes to her, she sees that the current plot is going nowhere, so she says, "And that's when things got really complicated." This would allow the next person to switch tactics entirely and get things back on track. Except that the next person is Christian. He tries valiantly, but the emcee will not point at anyone else. The others only had to speak for a few seconds, but Christian is in the spotlight for a painful minute, at least. He stammers, and his team crowds around, but there's nothing they can do. The judges giggle that the emcee is "not letting [Christian] go." Finally everyone starts laughing just to relieve the tension and the emcee ends it. Mercy killing. They're so not winning.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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