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The MVP is Syrrhosis, I guess for his dance move. He spins the wheel, and lands on a space that says that he gets to pick the stuff that someone else already won. In an interview, Syrrhosis says that he couldn't take Kameelah's stuff because she's his girl, so he takes Julie's Jeep stuff. Like Julie cares.

Rebecca and Kameelah are sitting in the lobby celebrating. Rebecca says that they made "$40,000 in a week," and then starts reliving the judges flipping up their cards that said Real World. Kameelah shushes her, because Emily and Ayanna are standing nearby. Awkward pause. Awkward pause. Ayanna tries to say something funny, and it's still not. Not intellectually. Not unintentionally.

Emily and Ayanna are now outside, smoking. I guess they're not having that no-smoking challenge this time around. Ayanna points out ruefully that they haven't won "a damn dime."

Inside, Rebecca wonders to Kameelah how James is handling it. Rebecca wonders if they should check it out. Kameelah doesn't think they should, because James might push them into the street. Rebecca mimes punching something, which is what James would do. Scary.

James and Emichelle are all in the men's bathroom for some reason. Emily tries to convince James that he needs to become a better loser. In an interview, James says that he doesn't want to "try to become a better loser," because it "entails having to lose first." He has played way too many team sports. That sounds like something a football coach would say. I hate James. Emichelle point out how fun it was, and that James should "rise above." James is not convinced. He still thinks that pouting and sulking and hitting walls are really the way to go.

On the bus, Christian comes in and wishes James and Rebecca a good night. James tells Rebecca not to take offense if he is mean tomorrow. In an interview, Rebecca says that James's "negativity is making him a person that [she doesn't] want to be around." Rebecca asks James if winning is more important than hurting someone. James wants degrees, like is it "a broken finger?" You dolt! She's talking about how your behavior hurts her feelings! What an idiot. James says that he would break someone's finger to win because "it's part of the game." In rugby, maybe. But in a comedy competition? Rebecca thinks that view is sick. James faux-apologizes. In an interview, Rebecca says that James understands his own feelings, but he doesn't try to understand hers, and "this might not be a match made in heaven." Gee, because based on the one night that they spent together, I really thought they would make it. And yet, a week later, they are breaking up. Nice.

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