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Race To The Finish

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Race To The Finish

In an interview, Christian explains that they timed everyone and agreed that Laterrian and Emily would do the lap racing. Susie sits in the driver's seat. The instructor tells her to turn to the right, and Susie asks, "What do you mean?" I hope that was taken out of context, because otherwise Susie is as dumb as a box of hair. Emily tells us that Susie and Michelle didn't want to do the lap race, and that she really wants to do it.

It's time for the skid pad event. A truck shows up and waters down the pavement. Dude, I would be so good at this event. I used to go practice skidding in my church parking lot late at night in the snow. There were no poles or anything in the way, so if I lost control of the car, I would just glide into a snow bank, and no damage done. I got pretty good. Mom, if you're reading this, I never did that. I just made it up to add some color to the story. (Everyone else but my mom -- totally true.) Susie looks sick to her stomach as Danny explains what we already heard -- each driver has to do a 360-degree skid and then pull into a "garage" designated by traffic cones. Julie explains that four team members will compete, and each can earn a maximum of twenty-five points. So the highest possible score per team is one hundred points. I don't know what they are graded on -- I guess they get so many points for completing a 360-degree skid, and so many points for pulling into the "garage," with points deducted if they knock over cones. But it's never explained -- that's just my guess.

Dan goes first. He gets the full twenty-five points. James goes next. He makes a funny face as he jerks the wheel to start the skid. I guess they don't take points off for funny faces, because he also gets twenty-five points. Laterrian gets really fired up, and he and James do a chest bump in celebration. Emily comments, "I love these boys." With the music they're playing (I don't know who it is, but it sounds like the Offspring), and the water, and the fast cars, this is all so much like the scene in Top Gun where they play volleyball. Kameelah goes next, but doesn't do very well and knocks over some cones. In an interview, Kameelah says that she "forgot to shift, forgot the clutch -- it was just a disaster of epic proportions." She only wins five points for her efforts. Christian earns twenty-five points for his team. Julie also gets the full twenty-five and does an annoying "raising the roof" gesture. Michelle earns twenty points for her efforts, but I'm not sure why she was docked five points. Just go with it. Rebecca gets the full twenty-five. So now the RR team has seventy points, and the RW team has eighty points, with only Susie left to go. You know, the girl who didn't understand what turning right meant?

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