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Race To The Finish

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Race To The Finish

Christian explains that the RW team is ahead, and Emily explains that it's all up to Susie. Susie puts on her helmet and gets into the driver's seat, looking like she might throw up. In an interview, Susie gives some big speech about being successful as a team, and that she feels like she contributes a lot to the team. I think that interview was done before she actually competed in any missions, though. It looked like it was filmed at the Tough Man Competition.

Hey, there's a commercial for the Toyota Celica. What a coincidence!

The instructor gives Susie some last-minute instructions. In an interview, Susie says that there's no way that she's losing. She actually doesn't lose -- she completes the skid very well and earns the full twenty-five points. Danny informs them that the RW team ended up with eighty points, and the RR team ended up with ninety. Rebecca voice-overs that her team is fifteen points (or fifteen seconds) behind due to Kameelah's failure. Rebecca thinks that "fifteen seconds is a big gap," and that she'll never show it to her team, but that she is doubtful they can overcome the gap. Dan tells his team that they have to be a bunch of "John Travoltas." They have to become Scientologists? They have to make really bad vanity projects? Oh, he means that they have to make a comeback. You know, that reference would have been timely when Dan was in Miami, but it's not now. Laterrian cheers his team on.

James tells us that Laterrian and Emily will be driving for the RR team in this race. Jamie tells us that he and Syrus will be driving for the RW team. Dan voice-overs that Jamie can get in and out of the car really quickly, which will save them time. Danny waves a flag, and Laterrian and Jamie run to their cars. Syrus explains that each driver has to put on a jumpsuit, helmet, and shoes before taking off. Julie voice-overs that the team that crosses the finish line first gets a hundred points. The other team gets one point deducted for every second it's behind. The two cars take off. Jamie says that Laterrian is "right on [his] ass." Kameelah voice-overs that they need Jamie and Syrus to drive like they have never driven before. Wouldn't that mean they drive badly? I would expect someone who has never driven before to be terrible. James tells his teammates to be ready to hop over the wall for the pit stop. The two cars pull into the pit at about the same time, and the two teams go to work. Julie explains that the pit crew needs to "jack up the car, change the tires, and wash the window, before the next driver can get in and take off." Again -- I really wouldn't be comfortable with these people changing my tires. I guess they probably have supervision. It looks like the RR team finishes first, but as Syrus and Emily hop in for the next leg, Syrus takes off first. Apparently, Emily and Laterrian had some trouble closing the driver-side window, which delayed them. Emily stalls when she tries to take off, but eventually gets it in gear (both figuratively and literally). In an interview, Michelle says that she's nervous because Syrus is pretty far ahead. Syrus says something about being in third gear and deciding to go for fourth. I guess that made him go too fast, because he goes off the track a little bit, but eventually gets straightened out.

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