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Sour Grapes

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Sour Grapes

The challenge itself is one giant trench mouth porno. Just girls sucking on phallic spigots while cloudy liquid squirts out. I may never drink wine again. Thank God I'd already sworn off kissing girls. Jenn makes a rather clever (especially for her) Flashdance comment, in reference to her stomping action. Everybody is grossed out to the power of infinity. The GGs bitch about their suck-ass teammates, and with good reason since the BAs essentially lap them. By the time it's over, Kenny and Abram are fucking around with wrestling moves, it's that much of a runaway.

The teams next debate who to send to the Inferno. The GGs say either Jenn, Aneesa, or Tonya. Cara actually comes closest to articulating my position, namely that Tonya being in good physical shape and utterly out of her mind means she's the last person you want to face. Johnny, meanwhile, advocates keeping Aneesa around to be Bad Ass dead weight. The Bad Ass debate goes like this: "Susie?" "Susie." "Cool." The GGs ultimately choose Jenn. Why exactly is Janelle never an option? She's gotta be easier to beat than Jenn, who showed some real tenacity in beating Rachel. Whatever, so it's Jenn and Susie. Cara seems to be under the impression that her team is going to continue to want to fall on their swords to keep Susie out of the Inferno. See how long that lasts.

Tonya's agitated she can't take Susie down herself, and while it looks like she's fixating on Susie to a psychotic degree, we then see Susie, Cara, and Colie going around in a circle, listing the reasons they hate Tonya. So you start to understand where Tonya's coming from. By the time the episode ends, Tonya is practically clawing her skin off she's so mad. Even I kind of want to see Tonya raise a victorious fist full of blonde hair at the next Inferno. We'll see if the payoff ends up being nearly as good as the setup.

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