Real World - Road Rules Challenge
The Fourth Mission

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The Fourth Mission

On the bus, Noah and Kefla perform a song they wrote. Noah plays guitar, and Kefla sings the lyrics:

Well, right now it seems we're three and oh
I don't know if they even know
They don't have a chance, no chance in the world
They've got three boys and two and a half girls.

Which one is half girl? Beth? Montana? I don't get it. In an interview, Neil says that the difference between the two teams is that the Road Rules team will do anything to win the missions, whereas the Real World team is just having a good time. More dancing to Johnny Cash breaks out in the Winnie. They all sing along very loudly.

Montana explains that they are talking about girls with whom you wouldn't have sex. Nathan says that if he doesn't want to ruin a friendship, he wouldn't have sex with that girl. Beth asks whether it's possible to be friends with a girl when you're not attracted to her. I don't know, Sally; let me ask Harry. Jason says that he can't, because all of his female friends are "real pretty," and Nathan agrees. Jason says that he's friends with Kalle, and that she's pretty, but that he wouldn't sleep with her. Nathan is silent, staring out the window. In an interview, Nathan says that Kalle is beautiful, and that anyone would have a crush on her. Nathan talks about love, and says that he falls in love out of the blue. Janet encourages him to "go with it." Over on the bus, Kalle nods for no reason.

The teams arrive in Las Vegas and are greeted by -- I kid you not -- a guy named Schad. No, not Chad. Schad. He tells the teams that they don't have an act booked for their concert venue the next night, so the teams will be filling in. Smontana jumps up and down and says that it's her dream to play Vegas. Schad tells them they are responsible for putting on a talent show, and that each team has to do a five- to ten-minute show. Sbeth says that she's so happy that she's doing to die. Please do. Sjason strokes his chin and smiles. Sneil looks confused. Vegas will do that to you. Okay, I guess I'll stop with the S thing now.

Schad shows them the concert venue, and promises a packed house. He explains that they have to do "totally original material...a song, a skit." In an interview, Montana says that this is the event to win. In an interview, Neil says that it's "a daunting prospect" to put a show together in twenty-four hours. It couldn't possibly be worse than the fetish show from the Extreme Challenge. Kefla dances on the stage. In an interview, Noah says that he's confident his team will win.

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