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The Fourth Mission

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The Fourth Mission

The teams check out their suites, and they're very nice. Kefla and Roni go out to check out the town. Hey, I walked on that bridge! I have a picture of Pamie and Mr. Stupidhead acting like they were out of breath after the escalator was broken and we had to take the stairs. Good times.

The teams dance at some club. Montana voice-overs that only good things can happen in Las Vegas because "it's sex, lights, and rock and roll. It's Babylon." More dancing. In an interview, Janet says that Las Vegas is "the city of sin." Jason sits on a couch with his arm around Janet. In an interview, Noah says that he never expected Janet and Jason to be interested in each other. Nathan and Kalle dance. Well, Kalle dances. Nathan kind of twitches. Nathan voice-overs that he thinks Kalle is a wonderful person, and that they have a blast together. In an interview, Montana adds, "It's Vegas, baby. There's nothing else you can say." Does that mean that Montana will be shutting up now?

The next morning, the Real World team meets to decide what their skit will be. They decide to spoof a Jerry Springer-type show. In the other room, Noah plays a song on his guitar. Did you ever notice that all of his songs sound the same? Neil says that if Nathan plays a gay gang member, Neil will be his "gay Elvis lover." The Road Rules team finds costumes. Roni practices a soft shoe routine. Kefla puts on a wig and dances around. Jason is explaining the skit to his teammates, and says that Beth will come out, but interrupts himself to ask whether Beth can be funny intentionally. In an interview, Jason says that they need perfect costumes. In the costume shop, Anne tells Roni that their bus driver, Wayne, is on the bus, but that they should lock it anyway.

The Real World team realizes that their bear is gone. Remember the bear competition? That's okay. Neither did the editors until just now. In the costume shop, Mark hops like a bunny. The Real World team pulls into the costume-shop parking lot and sees the Road Rules bus sitting there unattended. Beth sneaks onto the bus, walks right by a napping Wayne, and takes the bear back to the Winnie. In the shop, Noah is in full Elvis regalia. Anne gets onto the bus and finds the bear missing. In an interview, she calls Wayne a "freaking moron." Wow, she gets two minutes of screen time all season and this was it? What a legacy. Mark comes on the bus and tells Wayne that he's fired. Wayne's probably like, "Whatever, snot-nosed punk. You try driving this damn thing." Jason is now dressed up in full Elvis regalia, which would be a lot funnier if we hadn't just seen Noah in exactly the same costume.

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