Real World - Road Rules Challenge
The Fourth Mission

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The Fourth Mission

It's the night of the competition, and both teams are getting dressed. In an interview, Mark says, "It's either money time or crying time." Mark cracks me up. Some on-screen text informs us that the most entertaining show wins the talent contest. It's a packed house.

David comes out to emcee the contest. He talks about getting kicked out of his house, and everyone cheers. He tells some extremely unfunny "jokes" and finally introduces the Road Rules team.

Jason voice-overs that the Road Rules team decided to do "a revue of sorts." Noah comes out as Elvis, playing guitar. Roni does a dance routine. Kefla does a James Brown impersonation, and he's actually pretty good. Mark is a Marky Mark-style rapper. He's not good. He does pelvic thrusts and grabs his crotch. I don't know whether Kalle and Anne ever went on stage. I don't blame them. Kalle voice-overs that she thinks they have it in the bag, and Kefla adds that they are a tough act to follow.

It's time for the Real World skit. Jason comes out dressed like a nerdy George Washington, and announces that it's "the Berry Springer show." Montana comes out in a leopard-print catsuit and a Lady Godiva blonde wig. Montana voice-overs that as soon as soon as she got on stage, she wasn't nervous because the audience was eating it up. Janet is dressed as some sort of whore, I guess. She and Montana get in a catfight and Janet rips off Montana's wig. Nathan is a gay gangbanger and calls out Neil as his gay Elvis lover. They kiss on the lips. Ew, I just remembered Neil's gross tongue. Backstage, Noah can't believe that they kissed. Anne voice-overs that when they broke out with the song, she knew her team was in trouble. The "song" consists of the girls chanting "Talk to the hand." In an interview, Montana says that getting the crowd riled up is the best thing in the world. She concludes, "I feel so good right now. I own Las Vegas." Remind me to ask her for a loan.

David asks for the judges' decision. The Real World team wins. They now get one minute in the money machine. In an interview, Montana says that she can't believe that they won, and the episode ends very abruptly.

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