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"I'm tired of telling people I’m taking it one day at a time." Ruthie from Hawaii? No, Ayanna from Road Rules Semester at Sea. Oh, God. Could there have been a more boring season of Road Rules ever? Ayanna must have filmed her interview with Rebecca, because she's wearing about the same amount of makeup. Anyway, Ayanna felt like a fish out of water during her season. She related to Pawel more than anyone else, and they became close. They did? I don't remember that from the season. Ayanna talks about her mom having cancer, and how she wanted to leave the ship to see her mom, but her mother urged her to stay. The B/M editors call over to VH1 to borrow some of their Behind the Music background score for this next segment, where Ayanna talks about how she shut people out because she didn't want to talk about her mother, and then her mother died in March, 2000. Okay, that's sad. I can't make fun of that. Ayanna discusses how people stopped coming over to her house after her mother died, but Pawel would still stay in touch and check in on her. Now, Ayanna has been working on a photography project for charity with Pawel, and how it has helped her to work through her grief. B/M plays some smooth jazz as Ayanna explains that she'll be going to Howard University, and she thinks it will get her back on solid ground. We close on Ayanna laughing, because we don't want you all to be too sad.

I have two words regarding Save the Last Dance: Aw, yeah. I have two more words regarding Antitrust: War Games.

"The big burning controversy...did I sleep with Kathryn?" Is it Ho-ho-holly? Why no, of course it's Laterrian from Road Rules Maximum Velocity. LT begins the segment asking, "What is a Laterrian?" I'm still wondering. Laterrian says that they showed him naked a lot, and his mother suggested that he go in Playgirl. Also, Laterrian swore a lot. This is the best they could come up with? Everyone asks if he slept with Kathryn. He tells them that it's "grown folks' business." What does that even mean? Laterrian learned from Theo and James that he doesn't have to always be serious. Some fan emailed him and told LT that he's a role model. Laterrian likes to help out and be an African-American male role model. He feels that someone younger than him could duplicate his path. He doesn't know if he's going to go to medical school. That's all we get of LT.

"White, capitalist, heterosexual, male guy." I can't even make a joke about this one because it's obviously Jamie from Real World New Orleans. He gives us information that readers of this site already know -- he watched the Casting Special and then didn't watch any more, because he was upset about his portrayal. It's interesting though, that the producers are letting the cast members acknowledge that there is a "portrayal" that may or may not reflect reality. Jamie lives in San Francisco, and is still working on, which is apparently "a movement," which may or may not involve bowels. Hey, there's always room for scatological humor. Jamie claims that two huge elements of his life were not portrayed on the show -- the first is his company, and the second is his relationship with the love of his life. We see them walking on the beach, as Jamie talks about a "soul connection that's eternal." Jamie says he wants to "teach [his] kids through globetrotting," and "walk the earth with my kid." I hope he has a trust fund. I'm sure he does. Jamie think he will look back on the show in ten years and be happy. Thanks, Jamie. Going into commercial, we see a bumper of Michelle saying that Laterrian got the wind knocked out of him, and they had to call the paramedics. Then we get the annoying commercial where Jamie says, "Do you know anyone that's died doing this?" about seven hundred times.

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