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"I did a 180 after my trip." God, that could be anyone. I'll save you the suspense. It's Emily from Road Rules Two. Isn't it sad how they name the Road Rules seasons? It's like One and Two, and then they went to location names. Clearly not planning ahead there. I'm actually interested in Emily -- I liked her on the show, and I haven't heard much about her since she was on, except that she got in some big accident. Wow, she looks great! She cut her hair short, and it's straight. Emily talks about how she grew up in a small town, and how going on the show broadened her horizons. Emily talks about how she had a relationship with Devon on the show, who is African-American, and a lot of people in her hometown didn't accept it. At parties, people would use "the n-word" and she "was a coward about it," and left her hometown. She moved to L.A. and even lived with Devon for about six months, but they are no longer seeing each other. When she turned twenty, she went to Europe. We see a picture of her with her hair in braids, and she kind of pulls it off in that white hippie chick, Ani DiFranco kind of way. She met up with Christian from her show, and they went to this big restaurant, drinking a big bottle of wine with each course. On the way home, their Volkswagen convertible ran into a tractor-trailer and got lodged underneath it. Dude. Dude! She broke everything on the left side of her face and five bones in her back. We see pictures of Emily in the hospital, which look pretty gnarly. She feels it brought her closer to Christian, who carried around a lot of guilt because of the drinking which may have led to the accident. She had reconstructive plastic surgery on the left side of her face. She's scheduled to have more, but she doesn't know if she wants to go through with it. I, for one, think she looks fine. Not that she asked me. When she goes home now, she appreciates her small town, but it's also frustrating, so she tries to focus on the good times she had on her trip.

We finish up with all of them answering the question if they would do it again. Emily says she would do it twenty-five more times, if she could. Julie "would totally do it again." Ayanna, "definitely." Rebecca, "yes." Syrrhosis, "hell, yeah!" Laterrian, "Oh God, no." Jamie, James, and Kameelah all say yes. Michelle says probably. In case you didn't figure out by now that this was all propaganda for the new season, the announcer tells us they are all doing it again on the Challenge. We see clips of Rebecca and James getting lovey-dovey, James telling us that Ayanna's "trying to whale on" Christian, Laterrian running naked, midgets wrestling, Kameelah begging to stop doing something in mid-air, Syrrhosis getting all up in James's grill, and Julie spanking someone with what looks like a candy cane. Also on this season, although you wouldn't know it from this special, are Dan from Real World Miami and Christian from Road Rules Two. And it all starts next Tuesday, January 9, at 10 PM. ["Uh, I think Kim means, 'At the 10-spot.'" -- Wing Chun] I'll be recapping and I hope you'll be reading. Hey, if MTV can pimp their own shows, I can pimp my recaps, right? ["Speaking of which, Freakylinks comes back this week, too. Hello? Hellooooooo?" -- Wing Chun] See you then.

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