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Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

In an interview, Piggy says that she can't think of anything worse than being there right now, and that her teammates are all bastards. She was excited about competing, but now it's gotten nasty. Hey, who made it that way? Oh, that's right. Piggy, Theo, and The Wicks. And now it's come back to bite them in their collective ass. And I, for one, am loving it. Now if someone would just slap Stephen, I would feel a lot better.

The next morning, the Wicks lie in bed, holding each other, and praying. Yuck. I mean, yay praying and all, but they are so sanctimonious. In contrast, London Mike and Sharon are taking photos with Becky and Norm. In an interview, Sharon talks about how lucky she has been to hang out with these people and share their joy. Hollywick kisses Chadwick goodbye. In an interview, Piggy says that people think that it makes sense to get rid of Chadwick first, because Hollywick will crumble without him. Hollywick waves goodbye to Chadwick as he pulls away. In an interview, Hollywick says that now that "they" have done this as a personal attack, "they" have a fight ahead of them.

Next week: the competition is called "Vertical Limit." Coral tells her teammates that Stephen's negative energy is affecting her. NY Mike says that Stephen is on Coral's bad side, and that no one wants to be there. And NY Mike would know. Stephen climbs a rope and yells out something about his nuts. J-Dawg says, "Why is he using his nuts to climb a rope?" I don't know. Good question.

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