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Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

Next round. NY Mike is in the pool, looking around for Coral. He and ADDam come upon the same tube, and wrestle over it for a minute. Coral swims her way over to the boys, and NY Mike throws the tube over her head. NY Mike voice-overs that he was worried about Coral, so he grabbed a tube for her and tried to find her. The funniest part is that Danny is right next to ADDam and kind of ineffectually tries to grab at the tube, but keeps having to brush water out of his eyes, so then he just kind of floats away. In an interview, Lindsay says that NY Mike was the perfect teammate. Once Coral gets into the tube, NY Mike pulls her over and asks if she's okay. Aw. If he would just drop that Miz thing, I could almost like him. Danny and Kelley get eliminated. In an interview, Kelley says that this competition is "pretty much the most evil thing [she's] ever seen." And she saw David's bad rap video, people. So that's saying something.

Stephen walks along the pool and screams out, "Way to keep it real, baby! That's right!" Sean cringes away from him and shields Elka. I think Sean's body language spoke volumes, right there. In an interview, Theo says that Stephen is practically bitch-slapping people to get to the tubes. In an interview, Jisela says that Stephen is "openly hitting girls in the pool." Everyone seems to gang up on Stephen to tell him to mellow out. Stephen yells that he's not hitting anyone. Belounatic demonstrates how Stephen is acting in the pool by doing a little monkey dance. Of course, J-Dawg walks into the room right at this moment and says, "What in the hell is that?" I say all nonchalantly, "Oh, it's just Belou." That one scene intrigued him enough that he sat down and watched the rest of the episode. Plus, he hates Stephen. The best part is that I paused the tape mid-monkey dance, and if you could see the expression on Flora's face as she looks at Belounatic, you would just die. In an interview, ADDam says that Stephen punched Jisela in the nose, so if ADDam gets the chance, he will "break [Stephen's] legs out." What does that even mean? He will cause Stephen's legs to get pimples? Because, ew. Jisela rubs her nose.

Mark and Eric explain that the rules state that you cannot capture and hold onto a tube. They do? Anyway, since both NY Mike and ADDam captured and held onto tubes in the last round, their teams are eliminated. In an interview, Jisela says that she and ADDam only got nine points, which means that they probably won't make the Inner Circle.

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