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Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

The next round begins. They show the same footage of everyone jumping into the pool from a previous round. Emily is yelling at Timmy to swim toward a particular tube, but forgets to grab a tube herself, and they are eliminated. In an interview, Timmy explains that they were both going for the same tube. Man, Timmy is jacked. In an interview, Tara explains that she and Dan are the only RR team left. London Mike says that it's down to four RW teams and only one RR team. They all jump in. Lindsay can't find a tube, so she swims off in another direction. London and Miami Mikes team up to take a tube away from Tara and toss it over Lindsay's head. In an interview, London Mike says that there was a tube sitting in front of him, and he was holding it and looking for a RW team member. He saw Lindsay and threw it to her and thought that they had it made. Lindsay and London Mike celebrate, poolside. Mark comes up and says that they have an announcement. Eric reveals that London Mike was holding onto the tube too long, and so his team is eliminated. Belounatic apparently ratted him out, because she tells London Mike that she saw him do it. In an interview, Lindsay kisses London Mike all over his face while he says that he sacrificed his body for Lindsay. Stephen stands behind them and tries to pretend that anyone cares that he's there. In an interview, Dan and Tara reveal that they were also eliminated. Tara hopes that they got enough points to bring them into the Inner Circle.

It's time for the next round. Stephen actually helps Lindsay out by pointing out an open tube to her. Flora comes up short, so Miami Mike and Flora are eliminated. I think that's the first time I've seen Flora on camera for more than a brief glance. Miami Mike points out that they did better this week than they did last week. Flora lets out a machine-gun giggle.

In an interview, Lindsay explains that all of the remaining teams are from RW, so they don't really care who wins. Stephen stands way too close to her and pretends to play with her hair. He's just creepy. When he hears Lindsay say that it doesn't matter who wins, he adds that he could "really use a new guitar." In an interview, Elka says that she would love to win the guitar for "the love of [her] life, Walter." Sean says, "I thought that was me." Elka rolls her eyes at him. Shut up, Sean. Go back to Wisconsin and make babies. Or actually, don't.

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