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Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

The final round. Sean and Stephen go for the same tube. Elka and Lindsay swim right by a tube and both go for one that is further away. Lindsay gets there first. Meanwhile, Stephen has snagged the last available tube, leaving Elka high and dry. Stephen screams as loud as he possibly can, like, dude, it's just a guitar. It's not like you won a million dollars or something. He just screams and screams while everyone else looks on with disgust. Outside the pool, Elka hugs Lindsay and tells her that she deserves it. Lindsay tells Elka that she deserved it, too. Stephen is still screaming about how much he loves Lindsay. He hugs Lindsay and lifts her up in the air. Lindsay looks like she would rather be anywhere else than in Stephen's arms. In an interview, Sean says that it sucks that Stephen is "so arrogant and cocky when he wins." Elka puts it more succinctly: "Yeah, he's an asshole." Stephen walks by Jisela, and she flips him off behind his back and mouths something. The word "fucking" was definitely in there. Beyond that, I can't really say for sure. In an interview, Stephen says that they took points away from RR, which was the object, and that he's not there to make friends. Good thing, because if he were trying to make friends, he'd be failing horribly. Stephen and Lindsay are awarded their guitar.

Holly Not Wick tells Piggy that the RW kicked their asses today, because they are teammates. In an interview, Holly Not Wick says that team morale is terrible, and people feel threatened by "the natural alliance that exists between Holly and Chadwick." Holly Not Wick concludes that it makes the rest of the teams feel like there are two teams that don't care about the others.

Mark and Eric announce that the scores have been tabulated. They remind the contestants that the scores are cumulative, so they have added the scores from this competition to the scores from the last competition. I love how they have to overexplain everything, which I'm sure is done for editing purposes, but it just makes it look like the contestants are idiots. Or bigger idiots. The RW side looks like this:

  1. Stephen and Lindsay -- 29
  2. Sean and Elka -- 29
  3. Mike and Coral -- 25
  4. Mike and Flora -- 24
  5. Danny and Kelley -- 23
  6. Norm and Becky -- 23
  7. Mike and Sharon -- 21

Mark reminds them that the top three teams form the Inner Circle. Eric says that it's a majority vote. The RR team standings are revealed, and they look like this:

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