Real World - Road Rules Challenge
Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

  1. Theo and Holly -- 34
  2. Emily and Tim -- 33
  3. Dan and Tara -- 31
  4. Chadwick and Piggy -- 26
  5. Josh and Holly -- 25
  6. Jisela and Adam -- 20
  7. Chris and Belou -- 19

In an interview, Josh says that the standings have been shaken up a bit, now that Dan and Tara are in the Inner Circle, and Chadwick and Piggy are not. The first thing Josh thought was that Chadwick and Piggy would be voted off. In an interview, Hollywick says that obviously she is going to do whatever she can to keep Chadwick around.

Stephen asks Elka how she's going to vote. Elka sullenly says that she doesn't know yet. In an interview, Elka explains that it's difficult having Stephen around, and that she would like to get rid of him. Coral and Sean discuss Stephen. Coral calls Stephen a jackass, and says that you shouldn't yell at people like that, even if they're on the other team. In an interview, Sean says that a lot of people feel that Stephen is "a divisive individual," and that he is the least-liked person on the team.

The RR Inner Circle meets. Theo says that his vote is for either ADDam and Jisela or Belounatic and Chris. Timmy and Emily are holding hands, for some reason. In an interview, Timmy says that he's back in the Inner Circle, and that he doesn't like being there. Although I'll bet he would rather be there than not be there, if you know what I mean. The camera zooms in on Emily and Timmy holding hands again. What's up with that? Dan (whose hair has greatly improved, in that it's kind of slicked down instead of all sticking out and way too long) announces that he wants to vote off Piggy and Chadwick. Hollywick immediately asks Dan for his reasoning. Dan says that's fair, and explains that he didn't like how the tone was set in the first Inner Circle. In an interview, Dan reminds us (again!) that the first Inner Circle voted off the fourth-place team, and he felt it was a move to take out the Inner Circle's biggest threat. Dan tells the group that he doesn't know if he would've done it that way if he were in the first Inner Circle. Hollywick snipes, "But you feel like perpetuating it?" Dan says that there is a lot of animosity, and that he thinks Chadwick is gunning for him. Hats off to Dan for showing some spine and sticking to his guns, without getting all bitchy and letting Hollywick draw him into a screaming match. Now if he would just shave off that scary moustache.... In an interview, Dan says that eliminating Piggy and Chadwick would release a great amount of tension from the RR teams. Except for the pent-up tension that Hollywick will have when she's not getting laid every night.

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