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Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

Tara says that she also wants to vote off Piggy and Chadwick. Hollywick says that they didn't like how the first Inner Circle went, and now they have the chance to change all of the rules. Hollywick claims that if she could go back and do it again, she would've taken the bottom team from the very beginning. She concludes that her vote is for Chris and Belounatic, the bottom team. In an interview, Tara says that Hollywick is claiming that she wants to change the rules, which is expected, since she doesn't want her husband to go home. Tara asks what will happen if they keep Chadwick, and then Dan and Tara move into fourth place and are out of the Inner Circle. Hollywick stumbles over her words, trying to say something comforting without outright lying. I guess. I would have a lot more respect for her if she'd just come right out and say, "Look, I don't want Chadwick to leave. At the same time, you all want to change the rules. If we keep Chadwick and Piggy, we can both accomplish our goals, and I give you my word that for the rest of the time, if I'm in the Inner Circle, I will vote the bottom team off, even if it is my husband's team." I think that would win some votes.

Anyway, Emily totally interrupts Hollywick as she yells out that Hollywick would vote Dan and Tara off in that situation. Hollywick looks all offended that someone dare interrupt her. Tara laughs and agrees with Emily, who adds that if her team were in fourth, they would be voted off as well. Emily apologizes for blurting that out when she's usually so quiet. Hollywick says that Emily can't put words or feelings in her mouth. Shut up, Hollywick. Emily's right and you know it. Hollywick says that she doesn't want to vote off the fourth-place team anymore, because it sucked the last time that they did it. Emily says that she's with Dan and Tara -- they need to vote off Chadwick and Piggy. Theo finally speaks as he points out that they are creating a weaker team by getting rid of Chadwick, who is a strong competitor. See, there's an argument that might win some votes. Hollywick should just shut up and let Theo talk. I can't believe I just argued for letting Theo talk. Emily says that no one will change her mind on her vote, and that she's not going to explain herself any further. Theo asks Timmy what he thinks. Timmy says that no matter how they vote, they will catch flak. Theo agrees, and then asks Timmy again what he thinks. Grow some balls, Timmy!

Over on the RW side, Sean argues against changing their agreed-upon strategy. In an interview, Sean explains that Sharon and Mike are the lowest-scoring team. Sean asks whether anyone has a reason for voting for anyone else. NY Mike explains that that they have to stick to the strategy to create the strongest overall team. In an interview, Coral says that the RR team seems only to be hurting themselves.

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