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Timmy Grows a Pair

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Timmy Grows a Pair

Eric announces that they are going to move over to the RW side. Everyone claps. The Inner Circle walks to the front. Stephen steps up and thanks all of the contestants, and then announces that they have selected London Mike and Sharon to leave. He says nice things about Sharon and London Mike, who were clearly expecting this, given the terms of the agreement. Sharon yells to her teammates that they need to take it to the top. Hugs are exchanged all around. In an interview, Sharon says that she has no regrets, and respects the decision. She knows that she's going home with the love and respect of their teammates. Sharon tells her teammates that they need to take it to the top even though she won't be there to cheer them on. In an interview, ADDam says that the RW team has figured out how to play the game in a healthy way. Holly Not Wick and Piggy agree that the RR team looked ridiculous in comparison to the RW team. Sharon advises her team to keep doing it the right way. In an interview, Sharon says that she thinks the RW has a good shot at winning. The RW team does a team cheer. Okay, now they're starting to get a little annoying with this unity thing. Tara asks Jisela if she thinks they'll ever be like that. Jisela thinks that they will tomorrow.

Hollywick draws the blinds in her bedroom. She intensely tells Chadwick that no one has any integrity except for the Wicks. She bitches that the other members of the RR Inner Circle had the chance to make it fair, and they chose to make it personal. So she and Chadwick had integrity when they made it unfair, but now no one else does when they are trying to exact some form of justice? Interesting. In an interview, Hollywick says that she and Chadwick are really close, and now he's being torn away from her. She can't survive, like, two weeks without him? In the immortal words of Nell Carter, gimme a break. Hollywick says that the stakes just shot through the roof, and that she's the only one left fighting for them. Chadwick says that he's fighting for her. Hollywick points out that God is still on their side. Actually, I had a talk with Him last night, and he kind of hates the Wicks. I don't know how to break the news to her. Also, He asked me to tell them that he's kind of fucking busy right now with the starvation and the disease and the war, so He doesn't really have time to worry about the fucking Challenge. Also? He said to tell Hollywick to shut up. The Wicks start making out, and we get a lovely shot of Chadwicks's bacne. Hollywick starts sobbing as Macy Gray plays in the background.

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