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Upper-Body Strength

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Upper-Body Strength

The camera pans across a countertop covered with pills and other medicines. Tim tells someone that "Aunt Flo is in town," and Emily confirms that she unexpectedly got her period. In an interview, Emily and Tim discuss how poorly they are doing. Emily says that her head feels like a balloon filled with snot; as well, she has a fever, and diarrhea. Timmy adds, "Poopy poops." They both giggle. Timmy says again that "Aunt Flo came to visit today." I really did not need to know that Emily has her period, but whatever. Timmy describes his symptoms. Emily supplies that he is grouchy. Timmy agrees that he is crabby, and adds that he has stomach pains and "diarrhea from the, uh, porthole." Timmy jokes that "every hour on the hour, [he] thinks that he is Liberace," and that he's also having "slight bedwetting," and in addition, he's also menstruating. Hee! Emily and Timmy are delirious.

In an interview, Becky says that she's had an amazingly swift recovery. She works with a "world-renowned physicist and healer." Whoa, he practices medicine and studies the science of matter and energy! What a Renaissance man. Becky goes on to say that this guy "heals through his mind," and he shot her full of energy long-distance over the phone. I think she was kidding there. She was kidding. Right? In an interview, Norm says that Becky woke up feeling much better, and now they will be competing. Timmy and Emily are still delirious as Timmy wonders what's going on with the psychics, and suggests that they might as well "tattoo a Ouija board on [his] back." Emily is giggling uncontrollably.

Sean puts on deodorant as he tells someone that he used to be in the Inner Circle, and now he's on the verge of being eliminated. Did I really need to see Sean putting on deodorant? They couldn't get him to say the same thing in an interview or something? In an interview, Elka says that today's competition will determine who gets to stay and compete. Mike talks on the phone to his father, explaining that today's competition will determine whether he comes home or stays for another two weeks. In an interview, Hollywick says that she and Theo have enough points that no matter what, they will stay and compete. Whew! I was worried about them! Actually, I really wasn't.

Holly and Tara walk down a path, heading for the competition. Holly yawns and then says that she yawns when she's nervous, and she always used to do that before track meets. In an interview, Holly says that she and Josh are in fourth place, and that the only way they'll be able to stay is if they complete the mission, and one of their competitors does not. Tara thinks that she is tired, but Holly says that it's just nerves making her system shut down a little bit. What? That's the strangest theory ever. Then again, I'm not a competitive athlete. In an interview, Holly says that Tara is psyching herself out. Holly puts her arms around Tara. Holly says that she has faith in Tara. Tara wishes that it were already over.

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