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Walk This Way

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Walk This Way

The Inferno itself involves a giant wagon-wheel contraption that will rotate at gradually-increasing speed while Jenn and Colie try not to fall off it. It's sudden-death, so whoever falls off first is out. In an interview, the heretofore-unseen Ace giggles that Colie's lack of hand-eye coordination has him worried, and then we cut back to the Inferno, where it takes about six seconds for Colie to get tangled up in her own harness and lose.

Susie interviews that it looks like she did the right thing, like it was her idea all along. As Colie says her relatively gracious goodbyes, Bananas VOs some more about her uselessness, like, we already copied that, dude, plus you got what you wanted so drop it.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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