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Jisela and Veronica discuss who will get voted off. In an interview, Veronica says that the waiting is nervewracking. In an interview, Jisela says that she thinks it'll be Chris and Belounatic, but she could be wrong. Jisela adds, "They always tend to surprise you when it comes to voting, right?" See, because she got voted off her season. Back in the Inner Circle, Piggy runs through some of the other teams and asks if those teams are a threat. Theo points out that Josh is hurt. Piggy says that they all love Holly, but Holly is a competitor. Theo says that he feels like he needs to get rid of the team that is closest to his in the standings. Scaryteeth says that would be Yes and Veronica. Piggy says that Yes is a threat, but she doesn't think that Veronica is.

Veronica tells Jisela that she wonders if the people in the Inner Circle will be "malicious and vicious," and send home a team that is a threat. Jisela says that she's upset about her score, because she thought she held on long enough. Veronica tries to comfort her, but Jisela says she feels "like [she's] as weak as a Real World girl."

The RW Inner Circle continues their deliberations. In an interview, Danny says that they realized early on that the RR side was stronger overall, so the RW needs to keep their strongest teams around. In an interview, Jon says that the logical choice would be to send London Mike and Sharon home, because they came in last. Jon wouldn't be surprised if he gets sent home, though. Jon talks to Beth about their performance. In an interview, Beth says that she doesn't have a strategy for staying in the game, and she thinks the booting decision will be "based on cliques, which is unfortunate." So she does know that no one likes her. And yet she continues to Jessica Wakefield her way through life. I don't get that.

The RW team goes over each of the possibilities. They want London Mike and Flora to stay, because they are competitive. Coral likes Elka, and NY Mike points out that Sean is a lumberjack, so he'll be strong. Well, except when he's practicing law and fathering babies. Does he really do much lumberjacking these days? In an interview, NY Mike says that Miami Mike and Sharon had the lowest score, so maybe they should go, but Sharon seems really passionate about winning.

Back on the RR side, Emily says that if one of them drops out of the top three in the next round, they will probably be voted off as being the biggest threat. Emily doesn't know if she can agree to vote off the most threatening team, knowing that she might be the biggest threat next time, and end up leaving. In an interview, Emily says that she's not sure if they should get rid of competitors or get rid of dead weight, and she'll feel bad either way. Emily concludes that if they are going to be cutthroat now, they will also be cutthroat next time. In an interview, Timmy says that you don't want to sell out your relationships just to win the game. Chadwick announces that if you don't look at points, he thinks that ADDam is the biggest threat, because he has strength, and he also has will. In an interview, Yes points out that there is a married couple in the Inner Circle, which causes an unfair balance. Here's what I don't get, and which hasn't been explained. Does each individual person get a vote, or does a team have to vote together? Like is it out of six or out of three? I guess it has to be out of three, meaning that a team has to vote together, because otherwise there could be a tie. If that's the case, I understand why people are pissed about Chadwick and Scaryteeth being married. Although I still think that Piggy and Theo might have opinions of their own, and won't be bowled over. Well, Piggy would, anyway. Scaryteeth says that ADDam is a competitor, and Jisela has a grudge since she got sent home from her last show. Theo suggests that they go through all of the possibilities again and say yes or no, because he would hate to get up in the morning and see someone, and think that he should have voted that person off.

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