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The RW Inner Circle seems to have reached a consensus. In an interview, Coral says that they don't want to send anyone home, but they have to, and they want to create the strongest possible team. Elka tells Stephen and Miami Mike that they are all sitting ducks. Stephen says that he hopes that they eliminate the strongest team. Coral tells Eric that they have made their decision. Stephen tells Miami Mike that he doesn't want to go home, and he might be. In an interview, Miami Mike says that a lot of people are annoyed with Stephen, and "he can jabber jabber," so he doesn't know if that will be a factor in the decision.

The RR Inner Circle has also come to a consensus. Nobody wants to volunteer to deliver the news. Finally, Chadwick says that he will. In an interview, Scaryteeth says that she and Chadwick are married. Really? I did not know that. Except that you guys are making out all the time. Scaryteeth says that some people can't get past that, so neither of them wanted to make the announcement regarding who was going home. Scaryteeth and her Stupid Floppy Hat pull Chadwick aside and advise him that he shouldn't be the one to deliver the news, because people are just looking for a reason to hate them. Really, I don't need more reason. I already hate them. Chad-whipped acquiesces. Theo suggests that they draw straws. Timmy is upset that he might have to do it. Theo points out that Timmy delivers the news every day in his job. Timmy doesn't think that's the same thing. They draw straws, and Timmy gets the short one. He's upset, but he sucks it up.

All of the contestants gather for the announcement. If you were making a Challenge drinking game, you should drink any time Miami Mike does not have a drink in his hand. The dude drinks all the time. Eric calls the RW Inner Circle up, and says that they need to announce who is going home, and why. Oh, that's just mean. Coral steps up and says that they have decided to send Beth and Jon home. Jon is wearing his Hulkster t-shirt -- the same one that he wore ten years ago when they went to the beach in L.A. How sad. In an interview, Beth says that it could have gone two ways: the right way, which would have been to vote off the lowest scoring team -- London Mike and Sharon -- or the wrong way, which would be for Norm to get rid of her. I love how she thinks that Norm is the only one who hates her. Coral blathers something about getting rid of a strong team, but no one believes it.

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