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Becky and Beth hug. Beth says that she feels sorry for Norm, because he's so jealous. She's still working that angle? In an interview, Beth says that she wasn't surprised to hear her name, because she knew it was Norm. She adds, "He's so insecure, it's not funny. He's just a bad, bad, bad seed." Are we talking about the same Norm? The one everyone else loves? Just checking. Beth tells Becky that Norm won't apologize for whatever wrong he committed in her mind. Becky looks like she would rather be anywhere but there as she tells Beth that she is the bigger person in that case. In an interview, Becky says that despite her good intentions, Beth "has a vibe that seems very self-absorbed." Beth says that positive things will happen for her, and negative things will happen for Norm, and she's fine with it. In an interview, Norm says that Beth is "manipulative, she's a liar, and she's a cheat." Sean comments to Jon and Norm that "Osama Beth Laden" got axed. Jon laughs and asks if that makes him the Ayatollah. Look at Jon, bringing the funny.

Jon packs his things. In an interview, Yes says that RR looks strong, and he hopes that good people win, and that it doesn't get too ugly. In an interview, Jisela says that she's upset that Yes and Veronica are leaving, because "Veronica is [her] dawg." Jisela tells Veronica that she needs "a new homegirl." In an interview, Jisela says that this "really great adventure" has become "a climb up a ladder to see who can stab each other first and fast." Again with the mixed metaphors. Jisela's strategy is to get Chadwick or Scaryteeth off next. Jisela concludes, "We're going to have to break some couples up, aren't we?" Jisela shows Veronica that she has written "Yes and Veronica" on her swimsuit top with a Sharpie, so they will be there in spirit.

Elka asks Beth if she has work to get back to. Beth says that she does. NY Mike comes in and announces that they got another message, and that their next competition will be in the morning, and they need to wear uniforms and swimsuits. Elka cheers. Beth is wearing very shiny light blue pants that do nothing for her, no matter how much weight she lost. In an interview, Beth says that she is disappointed that she won't get to know people now. Jon says that he's glad he got to jump out of an airplane "and Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka the whole way down." Jon says that he would do it again if he could. In an interview, Jon says that he had an awesome time, and he doesn't see it as being sent home. Instead, he's glad he had the chance to do it, and spend two days in paradise. That's a good attitude, since clearly everyone just wanted to get rid of Beth and he was collateral damage.

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