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Holly gives Veronica a hug goodbye. In an interview, Holly says that the winners broke down a strong team, and it makes her sick. Now, trust has been broken, and "if that's how [they] want to play the game, then watch how the game is played back." In an interview, Veronica says she's not going to ask why they did it, and she's going to let it go and not hold any grudges. Is it possible that Veronica grew up a little bit? The losers leave.

Over in the RW Villa, they hold a team meeting. Sean says they are getting beat based on the scoreboard. Also, they can't hold a torch to the RR team in terms of athletic ability. Is this supposed to be a pep talk? Coral pipes up and says that if RR keeps voting off strong people, they are only hurting their own team. Sharon adds that the RR team members don't trust each other. In an interview, Sharon says that there are people on the RR team who are out more for themselves than the team as a whole, and that's dangerous. Sean continues to talk, but we don't get to hear it.

Piggy and Chadwick sit on a trampoline outside. Chadwick says that if he gets voted off, he gets voted off. He adds, "My wife and I are wealthy here [points to his heart], and that's what's important." I hate how he says "my wife and I," like shut up, Chadwick. In an interview, Chadwick says that there is a lot of money at stake. Piggy points out that Chadwick and Scaryteeth's teams will both have to be in the Inner Circle every single time. Piggy asks Chadwick if he can still be strong and help her win if Scaryteeth gets sent home. In an interview, Piggy says that she was trying to "snap him out of his little lovefest and make sure that he's focused on the job at hand."

Back in the RW Villa, Sean proposes that since the top prize is $300,000, they should decide, as a group, to divide that up. The winners get $25,000 and kick the rest back to the other teams. Coral clarifies that they will be setting aside some money for each team, even those who don't make it to the end. London Mike thinks that they should be trying to figure out their three strongest teams, and get them to the front. I could see this going horribly wrong when the winners don't want to split the money in the end.

Chadwick tells Piggy that they are a team. Scaryteeth comes out, still wearing the Floppy Hat of Suck even though the sun is down. You know that it was just killing her to be away from Chadwick for five minutes. Piggy greets her, and looks annoyed. In an interview, Piggy says that it's difficult to have a conversation with Chadwick without Scaryteeth butting in, and it's irritating.

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