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Jon takes his hat back, and Yes apologizes for it being sweaty. In an interview, Jon explains that he's been trying to be a country music star since his show ended. Ten years ago. I'm all for working towards your goals, but maybe it's time for Jon to look into an alternative career. Mark asks Kelley about Peter. Kelley laughs that she's "such a sucker," because she misses him. In an interview, Kelley reminds us that she met Peter in New Orleans, and that they are still together and going strong.

Chadwick and Scaryteeth Holly sit together. No one else is around them, which seems to be a portent of things to come. In an interview, Chadwick tells us that he met Scaryteeth at her season's wrap party, and they "just fell in love." Chadwick has bleached his hair. I kind of hate him. In an interview, Scaryteeth says that they got married and are living in California. I hate her, too. I hate both of them.

In an interview, Lindsay tells us that she's the co-host of a morning radio show in Atlanta, and she got the job because of her DJ experience in Seattle. Oh, and all the DJ experience she had before going to Seattle. She doesn't bring up the Miss Cleo commercials, though. The camera switches to a cute baby. It belongs to Belou. In an interview, Belou reminds us that she was on Road Rules in Europe, and that she's partners with Chris. Also, she brought her baby, who is "six months years old." Okay, I know English isn't her first language, but what the hell? It doesn't help that her hair is all jacked up. She has a kind of mullet thing going on, where it's short in the front and on the sides, and then long in the back. And then she has it pulled into a low ponytail, which she has formed into one giant sausage curl. Whuh? Also, she looks like she's on some serious drugs. Didn't she used to be really pretty? In an interview, Chris says that having a baby taught Belou responsibility, which is what she needed most. Yeah, it's really responsible to bring your baby to a resort to hang out with thirty-one of the biggest drama queens in the world, who will probably be drunk or worse most of the time. What a great environment for an infant. The baby screeches, and Piggy screeches right back. In an interview, Piggy says that she thinks it's irresponsible of Belou to come there with a child. Piggy? Word.

Over in the Real World villa, Lindsay, Norm, and Jisela are having a hen party. Norm asks who Lindsay wants to see kicked off first. Lindsay feels like she doesn't have enough information to make that decision, and turns the question back on Norm. He pauses for a minute, and then whispers, "Osama Beth Laden." Okay, that was evil, especially since this was taped like a week after September 11. I still laughed. Norm is funny. Plus, I hate Beth.

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