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Speaking of Beth, she is bitching to Sharon that Norm hates her, because she sold her movie, and Norm didn't sell his. Okay, I did a little bit of research into this. It seems that Beth sold a movie concept to a studio called Interlight Pictures called A Really Fake Movie, and she is set to executive produce. Interlight is known for such fine films as The Patriot -- the one starring Steven Segal. This sale happened in September of 2000, and as of this writing, there is no script. Norm, on the other hand, self-produced a movie called The Wedding Video, a kind of reality spoof featuring many B/M veterans. While it hasn't been picked up by any major film distribution companies, it has been screened at a few film festivals, and the reviews I found were mainly positive. So should Norm be jealous of Beth? You make the call. At least he has, you know, an actual movie to show people as a result of his work.

Cut back to Norm, explaining to Lindsay that he tried to get to know Beth, and she just kept telling "lie after lie after lie." Cut back to Beth saying that she feels sorry for Norm because "he's pushing forty, he's unsuccessful, and he's an angry person." As opposed to Beth, who is young and spry, a huge success, and harbors no bitterness whatsoever. Except not. In an interview, Beth tells Norm to "take a look around, because this is all you have, and it's very sad." So what I think Beth is really pissed about is that Norm has become a kind of unofficial "dad" among the Real World alumni, organizing parties and such, and everyone likes him. On the other hand, no one likes Beth.

ADDam gets a message on his phone saying that they are all supposed to go somewhere for dinner. Cut to Baby Belou in a crib, sleeping. Someone off-screen says that they need to hurry. Belou starts freaking out and swearing, saying that she's not going to hurry because her baby is sleeping and not even dressed. As if anyone cares if she brings the baby to dinner in a diaper. Also, the baby looks kind of dead. And if Belou is so worried about the baby's uninterrupted slumber, maybe she shouldn't be yelling "FUCK" at the top of her lungs. I'm just saying. In an interview, Tara says that Belou is "a loose cannon," and she's passionate in both a good way and a bad way. Holly and Tara try to get Belou to calm down. Holly suggests that they go ahead, and Belou can come to dinner whenever she's ready and "hang out for a little bit." Belou is still really upset that the producers dared to tell her to be somewhere at a certain time. What did she think this was going to be about? That she could just do competitions at her leisure? She is really unhinged. She has earned the first nickname of the recap, courtesy of miiiike: Belounatic.

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