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The contestants eat breakfast together. Kelley and Lindsay look at something and whisper. Apparently, they were checking out the Road Rules team's muscles. In an interview, Jon says that the RR teams are tough, and "even the girls could kick our butt." Lindsay shows off how little muscle she has in her arms, and then says, "Tim, like, flexes his finger, and all the muscles in his body flex." Stephen adds that Tim is "like the Incredible Hulk without the green." Well, I don't know if I'd go that far, Stephen. You're more like the Incredible Hulk without the Hulk, with your anger-management issues. Jon asks if Tim is on their team. Kelley says that if anyone looks good, they're not on the RW team.

Everyone heads out to the beach. In an interview, NY Mike says that he was walking up to the structure and couldn't figure out what it was. We see a shot of a large metal structure hanging in the air. It looks like the world's largest mobile. Mark announces that this competition will test both endurance and strength, and the winners will each get a 2002 Buell motorcycle. Yet another product placement. Mark explains that they will have to hang from the mobile in pairs, and the object is to be the last team hanging. Each two-person team hangs from opposite ends of the same bar, so that when one person falls, the other person will fall quickly afterward. Their time will be judged from when the second person hits the water. In an interview, Sean explains that the team that gets first place gets twenty points, the team that gets second place gets nineteen points, and so on down the line. In an interview, Dan explains that the points are cumulative, so "you gotta win and keep on winning." What happened to Dan? I used to think he was kind of cute, but his hair is just a mess, and he appears to be growing some sort of moustache, but it's not working. Also, his voice became completely nasal and whiney. Yikes! Mark explains that the top three teams from each show will join "The Inner Circle" and gather to vote out another team from their own show. In an interview, Tara clarifies that if you are in the Inner Circle, you get to vote someone off, and if you're not, you have to worry that you might be going home. And it's time for the games to begin.

Danny tells the camera that because he and Kelley are "skinny as hell," they don't have a lot of weight to hold up, and they're hoping that will help. They are both laughing throughout, so obviously they know this reasoning isn't great. London Mike and Sharon agree that this isn't their competition, because theirs would be something about "lying on a beach, having a cocktail." In an interview, Beth says that she and Jon are going to rock, and she's "oozing, oozing, oozing confidence." She's oozing something else, too. Oil on her face. Get thee some Clearasil, Beth! Scaryteeth tells the camera that she and Chadwick doubled their odds by getting married, so there's a good chance that they will be going home with a bike. In an interview, Jisela says that every RR team could kick every RW team's butt.

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