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The teams get into the water and grab onto their bars. The bars are then lifted out of the water with the contestants hanging on for dear life. In an interview, Timmy says that the hardest part about it is that no guy and girl weigh the same, so it's difficult to keep your balance and your hands on the bar. Holly is hanging alone because (they reveal later) Josh is injured. That doesn't seem quite fair. The first team falls. I think it was Belounatic and Chris. In an interview, Norm says that when one team falls off, the whole contraption shifts, since they are all connected. Another team falls, but I have no clue who it was, although I did have fun rewinding it a few times and watching the contestants fly back out of the water and up to the bar. In an interview, NY Mike says that he told Coral to let him know when she was going to let go so that he could get a good grip. Coral falls into the water, but Mike manages to hang on, which is pretty impressive. Another team falls while Mike still holds on.

Mike finally falls in, and others quickly follow. Now the only teams left are Chadwick and Piggy, Theo and Scaryteeth, and Timmy and Emily. All RR teams, obviously, so they will all make it to the Inner Circle. Theo appears to be struggling, mostly because he outweighs Scaryteeth so much that their bar is nearly vertical. Just then, I think Timmy's hand slipped, and he and Emily dropped. The unexpected change in weight caused the other teams to fall at nearly the same time. Everyone cheers. Theo inexplicably yells, "All sorts of things." Also? Yowza. Theo has got a great body. In an interview, Timmy says that he had his back to everyone, so he heard rather than saw the teams falling, and he knew that they were all RW teams. The others assure NY Mike and Coral that they definitely were the last RW team, hanging. Stephen and Lindsay are impressed with NY Mike's strength. In an interview, NY Mike says that he didn't know what place he was in when he fell, but he saw the RR teams still hanging, and he was so mad that his team didn't beat them. Norm and Becky agree that doing the first challenge changed their outlook, and they know they will kick some butt now.

Everyone chatters about who might have won the bikes. Belounatic tells the camera that she only fell because of Chris. So she's annoying, crazy, and she likes to blame others for her own mistakes? She's the perfect B/M participant! Piggy tells the camera that Belounatic is going home. Chadwick agrees. Piggy says that she had to sleep on the sofa because she didn't want to sleep next to the baby. Scaryteeth says that it would be awesome to get a motorcycle, because Chadwick really wants one. Hee! Jisela was standing next to her and gave her such a look of disgust. Piggy protests that Chadwick already has a motorcycle. Scaryteeth says that he needs a new one. Chadwick comes over and gives her a smooch. Scaryteeth says, "Love you!" Again, cut it out! In an interview, Piggy says that she wishes that they would stop making out, and that they should read a book instead. Mark and Eric announce that, because the finish was so close, they need to review the tape, so they will announce the winners later.

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