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While everyone else goes for a swim in the ocean (and Sharon nearly loses her top), Emily and Holly talk strategy. They agree that their side has five or six strong teams. Holly says that it comes down to what Chadwick and Scaryteeth decide. Holly doesn't think that married couples should be allowed on the show. In an interview, Emily says that having a married couple on two different teams is neither good nor bad, but it does intimidate the other teams, because the spouses have "an alliance that cannot be broken." Heh. It would be funny if one of the women tried to seduce Chadwick. Emily says that she knows Chadwick and Scaryteeth will agree on who should be kicked off. Emily is afraid that Chadwick and Scaryteeth are against her and Timmy. Holly says that they probably are, because Emily and Timmy were lobbying to keep the strongest teams around, and apparently Chadwick and Scaryteeth disagree with that strategy.

Stephen comes up to Coral, who is lying down and applying ice to her face, probably because of her massive sunburn. Stephen apologizes for their fight at dinner. Coral isn't really having it. Stephen gets up and leaves, and Coral rolls her eyes. In an interview, Stephen says that he hopes his strategy of sucking up to Coral worked, and that it will prevent her from voting him off. NY Mike sits down next to Coral, who tells him what Stephen just did. NY Mike tries to say it was nice that Stephen apologized, but Coral points out that if Stephen were in the Inner Circle, and Coral wasn't, he wouldn't have done it. No one puts anything past Coral.

Mark and Eric gather the contestants to announce the winners of the competition. The first-place team was Theo and Scaryteeth, so they win the motorcycle. In an interview, Theo says that he hasn't had "an automobile" in four years. Except it's not an automobile. It's a motorcycle. Poor, dumb Theo. Eric and Mark reveal the overall standings. Eric points out that the RW Inner Circle members will be NY Mike and Coral, Danny and Kelley, and Norm and Becky. That standings board has giant Chili's logos at the bottom. So cheesy. Mark reads off the Inner Circle members for RR: Theo and Scaryteeth, Chadwick and Piggy, and Emily and Timmy. Except they wrote "Tim," which I applaud, but he even refers to himself as "Timmy," so I'm going to go with that. Eric tells the Inner Circle members that they have an hour to discuss things, and then they must return and announce which team will be leaving. Mark says that it only has to be a majority vote, not unanimous.

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