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In an interview, Becky says that there is no one evil enough to send home. Um, has she met Beth? In an interview, Miami Mike says that he and Flora aren't worried about getting sent home, because a lot of people are after Beth, "because, well, ass." Hee! I love Miami Mike. In an interview, Beth says that she doesn't want to go home. Back on the beach, Theo points out that RR got the first five slots. London Mike notes that the RW side had five teams in the water before the RR side had one. Timmy says to Mark that "you could almost hear the Real World's ass getting spanked."

Stephen tells Belounatic that he's concerned about Coral. Belounatic wonders why, and Stephen says that Coral got smart with him last night, and he "don't take no shit." In an interview, Coral says that Stephen doesn't know how to handle himself and has "emotional difficulties." Belounatic thinks that Coral is spiritual. Stephen says that spiritual people have compassion and don't strike out at others. Stephen thinks that he is spiritual. Excuse me for a minute. Ha ha ha ha ha ha fucking HA! He's so deluded. Stephen says that Coral is "spiritless." Lindsay tells London and Miami Mikes that Stephen is upsetting people, but he's a really nice person when his anger doesn't come out. The Mikes don't look very impressed. In an interview, Lindsay says that with Stephen for a partner, she figures that she'll be leaving soon. Belounatic packs her things. In an interview, Belounatic says something that I totally can't understand because of her accent, but it boils down to the idea that she's sure that she is leaving.

The Inner Circles meet. In an interview, Norm says that when you are in the Inner Circle (and he makes a circle gesture with his hands), you have to vote someone off. In an interview, Becky says that you definitely feel that you are in a power position. NY Mike asks if everyone is "in the mindframe" that they are going to beat RR. They all agree. NY Mike wants to "rip off their heads and shove it up their asses." In an interview, NY Mike says that he's not in it for the money -- he just wants to beat Road Rules.

The RR Inner Circle meets as well. Someone mentions Chris and Belounatic. In an interview, Timmy says that Chris and "Belou Cheese" are the most obvious choice. In an interview, Chris says that he's already packed his bags. Chadwick wonders if they've even thought the decision through. Chadwick explains that there are a lot of middle players. I really hate Scaryteeth's floppy hat. She looks like she thinks she is so cool in that hat.

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