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Yes, Sir...I Mean, Yes, Ma'am!

The instructor starts explaining some little military acronym called MAIDS. The first letter stands for "Man in Charge," but in this case it will have to be "Person in Charge," since they allowed yucky girls to participate. Kameelah explains what "person in charge" means for those of you unfamiliar with the concept of "person" or maybe "in charge." The instructor looks really, really tired after teaching these imbeciles all day. He explains that, in this scenario, a "well-oiled team" will succeed. Syrrhosis pipes up and asks whether a "decently greased team" will succeed. Okay, that was kind of funny. Chalk one up for Syrrhosis. The instructor says it's still achievable, and reassures the kids that they can do it.

Everyone is in the mess hall (I learned that on M*A*S*H!) as they are told that they only have ten minutes to eat. The teams use their time to eat, except James, who decides that it's time to make fun of their tormentors in the Navy -- he starts speaking in a falsetto voice, calling his teammates "maggots" and telling them to put their pants on quickly. I hope he faints from hunger later because he spent the entire designated eating time talking to himself. None of his teammates seem all that amused -- they're busy shoveling food into their faces. In an interview, James says that he doesn't want to have some guy telling him what to do. We see a Navy guy yelling at them and telling them what to do. In an interview, Syrrhosis says that when you're "wearing something that represents our country," you need to "get into character -- no smiles, no laughing." Who knew Syrrhosis was respectful of the military? Good for him! I mean, not to be all "yay, military!" but I think that when you are on a military base, learning from military instructors, and in general taking advantage of their facilities, it's just good manners to be respectful of them, despite your own personal feelings. The RW team discusses the mission at their table. Dan points out that this mission is about pride for their team. In an interview, Dan says that he thinks his team can "at least hold [their] own." I really wish that they had at least mentioned that Dan (as an out gay man) and the women (as, well, women) would not have been allowed to be on this mission in the actual military. But I guess that might have pissed the military off and then they wouldn't let B/M use their fun toys next season.

The kids head to their barracks, which look a lot like undecorated college dorm rooms. Some guy tells James, Christian, and Laterrian (who are sharing a room) that it's time for lights out. Christian jokes that it would be funny if, when the Navy guy came back to check on them, they had "chicks and booze." James mimes some sort of sexual act, although I'm not quite sure, based on his positioning, that he understands how sex works, mechanically. Moments later, Christian is trying to get something out of his suitcase by kneeling right next to James's bed, and James is still miming sex, now making "porn music" noises. Navy guy walks down the hall, yelling about overhead lights being out. Christian runs up and turns out the light in their room (although the camera lights are still on full blast) and then hops into the top bunk. The Navy guy knocks on their door and asks, "Why do I still hear talking in here, gentleman?" Christian gives the camera a look like, "Busted!" We go to commercial contemplating what kind of trouble they're going to get in for talking after lights out. Unless it involves James and flogging, I really don't care.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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