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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

Vanessa introduces the Frankie hookup package. We see Frankie and Brad snuggling, Frankie telling Dave that she blacked out, Frankie rubbing up on Randy, Frankie making out with Adam, and Dave whipping Frankie when he came to visit. Frankie confirms that she and Dave are still together, although they had lots of long talks and fights. Vanessa asks what the roommates think about Frankie and Dave, and Cameran calls it "a unique relationship" because "they do stuff that I don't even, I mean." Frankie just laughs. So what? Are they into S&M? Role-playing? What? Frankie chastises Cameran for going there. Jacquese diplomatically says that it's "a different kind of relationship" that "keeps the love going." Anal sex? I'm seriously at a loss here.

Vanessa asks what Jacquese thought of all the hooking up, since he was the self-proclaimed "bootyologist." Cameran reveals that Jacquese hooked up all the time, but managed to do it off-camera. Jacquese can't believe they brought it up. Robin explains that Jacquese got a lot of alone time away from the cameras, and that no one knows what really happened. Jacquese explains that without cameras, he could figure out if people were genuinely interested in him and not the cameras.

After the break, Vanessa asks Robin and Brad if they freak out when they hear sirens now, which introduces the clips of Brad and Robin getting arrested on the same night. Randy thinks it was hilarious that they walked by Robin's squad car, but Brad doesn't think it was a big deal. Vanessa brings up Randy's drunken stupor that night, and Randy says that he doesn't know how he escaped being arrested for public intoxication. Vanessa says that Brad was in the drunk tank twice on the show, and asks how many times it's happened in his life. Brad says it's not a fair question, because he doesn't consider it getting arrested. Brad adds that people were screaming shit at him because of the cameras, but that part was never really shown. Randy thinks the cops should have been controlling the crowds instead of arresting Brad. Frankie adds that she can't believe she and Randy weren't arrested instead. Yeah, Randy already said that, but thanks for showing up, Frankie. Robin says they didn't show her trying to apologize to the Marine, where she tapped him on the head to get his attention and he pushed her hand down. That's where the alleged scratch came from. Robin thought the whole situation was taken care of, so she went into the club and got drunk, and then walked out into an episode of Cops. Vanessa asks Cameran if she felt guilty for causing the situation. Robin immediately says that it wasn't Cameran's fault. Robin says that everyone made fun of her for trying to demonstrate on the copwhat happened with the Marine. Vanessa asks Cameran again if she felt responsible, and Cameran says that she didn't, and that Robin definitely took on the "mother figure" role, which Cameran appreciated. Jacquese says that when Robin called, she was talking smack to the guards. Robin says that the cops were laughing at her, and Jacquese agrees that the cops were bullying her because she was on television.

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