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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

Vanessa brings up the fight between Randy and Frankie. Randy says that the feelings built up for a while, and that he tried to empathize with Frankie, but that she didn't show him any respect. Frankie says the reason she brought the issue up at that moment was that she overheard Robin calling her a bitch just before that. Robin admits that she probably did. Frankie says it's not a big deal, but she still keeps talking about it. Frankie launches into a long, boring story about that night that is totally irrelevant, so Vanessa tries to go to a break. Frankie says that she has more to say about it, and Vanessa promises that they'll get to it.

When they return, Vanessa introduces the subject of why Frankie left the house. We see a clip package of Frankie crying to Brad, crying to her mother, insisting that everyone hates her, leaving, and then telling Cameran that she's "a little too punk rock" for the show. Frankie laughs about it, but Cameran isn't laughing at all. Frankie says that she was joking about the punk rock thing, because her friends made fun of her for being the rebel of the show. Vanessa asks if she really came home because of Dave, or because of her roommates. Frankie says that it wasn't because of her roommates; it was because she hated herself. Robin says that she had a hard time too, but she worked through it, and she thinks Frankie should have too. Brad thinks it was hard for everyone. Cameran thinks Frankie expected them not to accept her. Frankie says she expected things of herself, and let herself down.

Frankie starts crying as she says that she thought she did have six best friends from the situation. How can she watch the clips where she says that she hates them all and doesn't need them in her life, and then expect them to want to be her friends? She is so self-absorbed. Everyone tries to reassure Frankie, but she's not hearing it. Frankie says that if she hadn't left, they wouldn't have met Charlie. Everyone tries to explain some more, but Frankie talks over them to cry some more about how no one understands her. Bleh. Jacquese reminds her that he wanted her to be happy, but that they feel like their love for her isn't returned. Frankie says that it wasn't their problems that made her leave, and that she's watched herself and realized that she has to deal with problems. Robin wants to exchange phone numbers right there. Frankie says that when she came back to shoot promos, she wanted to show them how much she cared, and that they went to dinner and only Cameran asked for her phone number. Oh, what the fuck ever. Brad insists that he did ask for it. Jacquese points out that after he heard Frankie say that she hated him, he wasn't too excited to go out of his way to be in her life. Frankie says that she emailed him three times. Jacquese says that after watching the show, he didn't even know what to say to her. Jamie finally speaks up and says that she thought she and Frankie would be good friends, especially after the cutting situation, but after watching what Frankie said to the cameras, Jamie really had her feelings hurt.

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